Julian Wright discusses Tucson visit

The Cats will be in it to the end. Julian Wright's visit to Arizona may not have led to a commitment to the Wildcats, it did ensure that the Wildcats will be in it until the end. The highly ranked forward discussed his visit to Tucson.

Wright has made a pair of visits and both Illinois and Arizona and has a visit planned to DePaul. Kansas is also involved, but as of now the Jayhawks have their work cut out for them.

"Kansas is still involved, I am still keeping my options open," Wright said. "I have an in-home with them on the ninth. We'll see how that goes before we proceed any further. I haven't set anything up, I haven't planned on taking a visit or anything."

This past weekend he was in Tucson on a visit he described as hectic. With only two days in Tucson, the Chicago native had to cram a lot into two days.

"Unfortunately the visit was only for 48 hours," Wright admitted. "They really keep you going. You are always doing something and meeting people. I played with the guys, then met academic advisors and other people as well. There was so much to do and they keep you busy."

Despite the rapid pace of the visit, Wright enjoyed his stay in the Old Pueblo.

"It went smooth. I'm very comfortable with the guys and the coaches," said Wright. "It was a good weekend."

The visit compared favorably with his trip to Illinois the weekend prior.

"That was a good weekend as well," Wright said. "I got to know the players on and off the court. I liked them as well."

In fact, Wright claims that he enjoyed both visits so well that the picture became cloudier than it was before. He says that he can picture himself going to either school.

"It has made it tougher for me," Wright confessed. "I liked them both. Both have a coaching staff that I feel real comfortable with. I have a lot to compare in making my final decision."

A decision will not come until October. His plan is to take all the visits then take his time discussing the schools with his family and making sure he considers all the angles.

"We'll sit down and try to decide what is the best place for me."

Arizona is the only school on his list that is not in the Midwest, but he insists that it is not a problem. His mother would like him to stay close, but has made sure that her preferences are not a factor in the decision. He knows that whether he goes 20 minutes or 2,000 miles away he will rarely see his mom. If he stays closer to home she can see more of his games, but anywhere he goes he'll be immersed in college life.

Wright says that in the end he is the one making the decision.

"She's leaving that to me," Wright said. "She has offered to advise me, but she'll sit it out when it is time for me to make the actual decision."

His mom was in Tucson this weekend, and although she would prefer him to stay closer to Chicago, she has signed off on the Wildcats if that is where Julian decides that is where he wants to go.

As one of the elite players in the class, it is only natural that people bring up the NBA. Wright has heard all the talk, but dismisses it. Although you would think that he'd at least consider the leap if a Lottery selection was in his future, Wright is not thinking that way.

"I am going to college," he said. "A lot of people are saying I might go pro, but I think that is because of last year with so many high school guys going pro. I'm not looking at that, I plan on attending college. I want to experience college life. I want to tell my kids about college. I want to go and develop character and develop as a person."

The Wildcats are in it until the end. Wright has long loved the Cats and nothing has changed. He won't call them THE favorite, but he makes no bones about his love for Lute Olson's program.

"I'm real comfortable with the situation at Arizona. I really like the stuff outside the lines in terms of the support staff. I met some of the strength and conditioning coaches and I watched them working out with other players.

"I am looking for people who can develop me outside the lines. I want the coach who can develop me as a basketball player and as an all around person. I like that about Arizona."

CAT TRACKS' ANALYSIS: Arizona is in great shape. His mom may favor DePaul, but it sounds as if he may slightly favor Arizona. Unfortunately, he may want to split the difference and wind up at Illinois. Although the claims otherwise, the NBA could factor in his decision, but I think he is honest when he says that college is what he is thinking about. With Martell Webster considering a spring commitment and the NBA, Wright is the Cats' top recruit and is important to this class.

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