Q&A Mike Bell, Ryan Eidson

Mike Bell and Ryan Eidson had big weekends for different reasons. Bell had a career high 31 carries and proved that he could be a workhorse back. Eidson handled the punt return duties on Saturday night, but it was another event Saturday night that made an impression. Eidson saw his high school, De La Salle, lose for the first time in 152 games.

Mike Bell was very upbeat, even after the 31 carries, most up the middle. Bell never got the big run to pad the stat line, but helped the Wildcats move the chains.

How do you feel?

Mike Bell: "I feel good surprisingly. After the game I felt a little beat up but when I woke up the next morning I felt good."

Were you expecting the first seven plays to come to you?

Bell: "No. It's probably just how it worked out, but it was good that my team has enough confidence in me to carry the load like that."

How much of the offense was shown?

Bell: "Not much. I know it was real simple. Coach didn't want to show too much. We were really basic with it and this week hopefully we can come out with a little more."

What is this offense all about?

Bell: "Execution. Nickel and Dime…We run the ball to set up the pass. WE get them with little short passes, get them long with the long pass. The offense is simple and I think Kris [Heavner] is doing a great job with it."

What do you think about Utah's defense?

Bell: "Really good. They play really good defense. Their defensive line is really strong. I think we're a better team than A&M and will play well against them."

Do you approach ranked teams differently?

Bell: "Yeah it's a fresh start and I think ultimately our team has more confidence. We're not looking at it as a ranked team. We're just looking at it as another team and we can play against anybody."

Ryan Eidson was a walk-on receiver last year who turned some heads with his speed. He saw limited action, but played well enough to earn the punt return duties.

What did you think of the De La Salle winning streak ending?

Ryan Eidson: "People of the Spartan family are definitely mourning. I got plenty of calls Saturday and Sunday morning, people talking about what happened but they accomplished something great. 151 wins in a row is a record that will probably never be beaten. We kind of always look at the negative side of it, but it is a very successful program and I'm very proud of that school."

How many years did you play on varsity?

Eidson: "Three."

So you never lost?

Eidson: "I never lost a game out there. About 40 games."

Did you play freshman ball?

Eidson: "Yes."

Did you lose any?

Eidson: "We did. We lost a game our freshman year. It was different but when you get to the higher level, that's all that matters."

Did you feel pressure?

Eidson: "More from outside students or media, outside people…the coaching staff is not about the wins and losses, it's about going through life. Football teaches you the game of life. It's about how you play and present yourself on and off the field."

Was it the Sports Illustrated Jinx?

Eidson: "It might have been."

How have you dealt with the challenge of making the return game more proficient?

Eidson: "Coach Robinson has implemented a great strategy and a great scheme. We should be able to bring down the net punt average. He has a really great scheme and we look forward to making a couple of big plays."

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