Wingate and Fontenot Q&A

The Wildcat defensive backs were the stars of the show last weekend against NAU and they will be critical to the success of the Wildcats if they hope to challenge Utah. Tony Wingate is in his run as a Wildcat while Wilrey Fontenot made his first start.

Tony Wingate has risen in the eyes of the coaches. He is the primary back-up to Darrell Brooks and sees a lot of time in nickel and dime packages. He's one of the leaders of the defense and is a player who the younger DB's have turned to.

Senior safety Tony Wingate:

How do you feel about the upcoming game against Utah?

"We want to come out and form a foundation for the rest of the season and these first couple games we want to build on what we started this week with NAU and hope to stay consistent the rest of the season."

Have you watched the Utah/Texas A&M tape?

"We watched a little bit of Utah before NAU. We did watch the game a little bit against Texas A&M. We want to come out and start preparing ourselves for this week's game so we will come into the game 100% focused."

What are your thoughts on Utah's offense and Alex Smith?

"Alex Smith is a great player, can't that anything away from him. We're looking for them to come out and play better than they did against Texas A&M. We just need to play well on both sides of the ball. Special teams needs to come up and be victorious against this Utah team."

Do you need to play well in the secondary?

"Definitely, they got players both at quarterback and wide receiver so we're going to need to stay close to their receivers and play just fundamental football. We got everything in our gameplan packages that can stop the things that they do, we just need to execute."

Expecting fans to give more?

"Yeah, we're always expecting our fans to come out and give us that twelfth man on the field…we need them to come out excited like they were and just help out to bring the passion back to UofA football."

Wilrey Fontenot made his first college start last weekend. The redshirt freshman corner had a great game, even if he was a little bit overshadowed by true freshman Antoine Cason. Fontenot drew high praise from the Wildcat coaches and prevented the Lumberjacks from making any big plays.

Cornerback Wilrey Fontenot:

How excited were you to get out and play?

"Our guys were just excited to get a win. Our first win under a new system. Last night singing ‘Bear Down'. Guys were just extra excited. Passing out game balls everybody was excited for everyone who got game balls. Everybody is really excited about the direction this program is headed."

How have you helped along these young cornerbacks?

"They played a great game last night. One true freshman and a redshirt freshman. That's two of the best performances out of any corner at any level freshman through senior that I've seen in a while. They played really good and hopefully they'll stay consistent for the rest of this year and get this first game under their belt and take it for the rest of the season."

What would a win against a ranked opponent mean?

"We really don't want to dwell on the past too much. We're really just looking forward and we got our first win so any win right now is just a great win and really helps to build this program back up. A win against a ranked opponent would be great, at this point we got our first win, now we need to go out and get a win against a better opponent."

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