Game Talk

Quotes from the locker room after the 23-6 loss to Utah. Thoughts on the game from several Arizona and Utah players and coaches.

Head Coach Mike Stoops

In General

"Watching the game, I think we showed a lot of toughness. We just weren't always making plays or making good decisions. Utah is a great team. They executed exactly the way they needed to in order to win the game. They schemed this game properly when looking at tape of us. Utah has a heck of an offense. I think our guys did a nice job."

On the positives he can draw from the game

"Our mechanics on offense were not good but I felt we did an awful lot of good things on offense and defense. Our guys did a good job and played hard. They played relatively well most of the night. This is a good football team that will keep getting better and we look forward to a big game versus Wisconsin next week."

On the defense

"I think our defense played great. There were some mental mistakes but nothing we can't correct. We were in the right spots most of the time."

On the offense

"On offense, Gilbert(Harris) gave us a lot of chances to score. We fought and gave ourselves a chance, but we couldn't get it done. I think we played hard. I like the way we executed for the most part. All around, we looked strong except for a few errors."

On the goal line stand by Utah

"They guessed right on the play and knew where it was going and we guessed wrong - it is as simple as that. That was one of our many mental mistakes on the night."

Offensive Coordinator Mike Canales

"We are going to continue to work harder and get better. Our guys never stopped fighting out there. We will go toe-to-toe with our opponents and swing until someone falls. Coach Stoops demands excellence from our players and coaches and we will continue to try to better ourselves every time out."

On the goal line call

"They have a good defense and they were able to make that stand against us. I thought we had the right play called but I really just out-smarted myself and they had their guys in the right positions."

On Mike Bell going down the first play

"Originally, we thought he had blew his knee out. I was like 'you have got to be kidding me', this cannot be happening on the first play of the game. But we got him back and Gilbert was ready. Gilbert just runs so hard every time he has the ball."

On the amount of turnovers

"You know, we run a ball-security drill everyday in practice for five minutes so it is something we should not be having so much trouble with since we stress it so much. Utah has a darn good team though on defense, you have to give them credit. Heavner had some bright early spots but then he had a couple of bad throws and it is my responsiblity to teach him not to make those errors and I'll take care of it."

Quarterback Kris Heavner

"We beat ourselves. Utah is a good team. We will go watch the game tape and see what our mistakes were. Most of them were in the red zone. They are ranked no.16 and were no.1 in their conference last year. They are a great team but we can play with them. We just have to execute. We definitely had the right game plan."

Running Back Gilbert Harris

On the goal line stand by Utah

"It was a big turning point. It would have gotten us real close going into the second half. Any time you give points away it hurts."

On Mike Bell getting injured

"I didn't feel a drop off in emotion when he went out. I knew I had to pick up the slack. I felt like we ran the ball well all night, but the offense wasn't putting the ball in the end zone. We needed to execute better."

Safety Darrell Brooks

"We did a lot of things right but we put ourselves in bad spots too many times. We schemed well and were prepared. It's tough to swallow, but we can still learn from it and continue to work hard. We didn't quit and we fought as hard as we could. You have to tip your hat to them, but we just put ourselves in bad positions. Our biggest faults were our lapses in execution. Sometimes we just didn't execute."

Linebacker Pat Howard

"We learned a lot from the last game and we learned a lot from this game. All we can do is fix our mistakes and get ready for the next game. As a team, we never gave up tonight and we just kept fighting. We will take this and use it as a learning experience and a building block."

Kicker Nick Folk

"We are getting better as a unit and will continue to get better. It felt good to knock a couple through there tonight."

On the missed kick

"The snap was bobbled a bit, but that won't happen again. We will continue to get stronger in all areas of the kicking game."

Utah Head Coach Urban Meyer

In General

"I think the goal line stand rejuvenated the whole team. That, and turnovers were the difference. If we don't knock those balls out, it's a different game."

On giving up 312 yards

"We don't give up many points. We give up yards but I don't care about that as long as we don't give up points. You put people in the stands with offense, but you win games with defense."

On beating Arizona

"We got to play a Pac Ten team on their home turf and that doesn't happen often. We beat Oregon and Cal last year, and now Arizona, so we're 3-0 against the Pac Ten. Our guys are really proud of that."

On Coach Stoops

"Mike Stoops did a good job. He's going to get this place going."

Utah Quarterback Alex Smith

"We were pretty balanced tonight. We realized in the second half that we needed to run the ball a little more to eat the clock. Arizona was running the ball well and driving. Our defense came up big a couple of times and the result was no touchdowns. I think we had some missed opportunities. I am not taking anything away from Arizona but we need to learn to take advantage of all our opportunities."

On the play of the defense

"Our defense did a great job to hold Arizona all the way, especially at the goal line to keep our momentum going, heading into halftime. The offense was not bad."

Utah Running Back Marty Johnson

"Last week was my first game in two years and I told coach that this week I had no excuses from coming out and having a better game. I figure things are going to get better each game as we go."

Utah Defensive Lineman Sione Pouha

"There was a little revenge factor tonight. It was great being able to come back here and get a win."

Utah Linebacker Tommy Hackenbruck

"My hat is off to Arizona. It was a good game. We are just happy to get a win.

Utah Defensive Back Morgan Scally

"These past two weeks have not shown what we can do defensively. The last two games have been about the offense. We had a bend but we didn't break on defense tonight. We gave up way too many yards, but four takeaways help to make up for that. Our defense as a whole is disapointed because we're never totally satisfied with what we do."

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