Scouting Report: Martell Webster

Dave Telep, the nation's leading recruiting analyst, reviews his notes and compiles in-depth scouting reports on North Carolina's hoops recruiting targets. In this edition -- 2005 wing Martell Webster.

Martell Webster
6-6, 230
Seattle (Wash.) Prep

He has really solid range on his jumpshot -- he's not afraid to move around the perimeter and let it fly from different spots. We're talking about a guy who has a lot of confidence to sit back and fire away. He's got a nice high release that's really difficult to block and he's just too strong and jumps too high to cause concerns for him defensively. When he gets into the paint he can take contact and finish. Biggest thing offensively is he's confident that he's going to go by you or smoke you with his jumper. He dictates offense when he's going. To really aggravate him you'd need to be extremely physical and knock him around a little bit because if you've got a guy who's smaller on him he'll dive down to the blocks and shoot turnaround jumpshots. He's smooth. I think there's a little Ray Allen in his game.

Sometimes he'll settle for jumpshots and he's too good a scorer to just fire away from three-point range. All of that was the product of the condition he was in last summer. He missed almost his entire junior season – he had a partially chipped bone and then he injured some tendons, too. These weren't freak accident injuries. The last 8-12 months it's been a nagging set of circumstances. Like any other kid, when he's interested he's fine defensively. He's not known for being a lock you up kind of guy.

Signature Performance:
I don't really think he had a signature performance this summer. My greatest Martel Webster memory is him coming out after his freshman year at the Spiece Run N' Slam. He had 36 and at that point that was the best incoming sophomore that I had seen. He's one of those guys where when he really gets into his groove scoring it's just coming easy.

College Projection:
He's probably going to play the 2 and that means in college you'll play anywhere on the perimeter. Long term his game is probably more suited at the second guard spot. He's probably less of a dirty work guy to play the small forward than to play the 2.

No. 9 -- He's the ninth-best player in the country on a bad day. Again, one of the difficult things with Martell is that it's been a year since anyone has seen him at the top of his game. He had flashes where he was pretty good, but Martell Webster at the top of his game -- you'd know it. He came out this summer and it just wasn't the Martell Webster of old. As out of shape and as average as he was by his standards this summer, still I'm not sure if anyone dropped him out of their top 10 and that's really a testament to how he is when he's in shape.

In Summary:
He's got a body that gets him places and athleticism to go with it. This is a guy who when he wants to be can really, really score. One of the concerns is that he's had two injuries in the last year. And you don't want that to be a trend. When he is at the very top of his game, he's among the best 1, 2 or 3 players in the country.

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