Clearing the air

Recent news of Terry Longbons wavering on his commitment to the University of Arizona has hit the internet. Cat Tracks received word from Longbons' father that cleared up the situation.

Peoria Centennial running back Terry Longbons was one of the early gems in the Wildcats' recruiting class. When he committed back in the summer it was a huge get for the Wildcat staff.

In recent weeks a few internet sites have reported that Longbons might be reconsidering his pledge. His father made no bones about where his son's loyalties lie.

"I have been reading all this B.S. about Terry de-committing from the U of A and it is just something that has been twisted around," Terry Longbons Sr. said. "Nothing has changed."

Longbons has started out the season in fine fashion. He began the year with 254 yards and six scores in a 65-0 win over Agua Fria. He followed that up with 102 yards against a tough Chaparral team that features big time defensive tackle Ekom Udofia. Longbons has 356 yards rushing and is just over 2,100 yards from breaking the state career rushing record.

He and Centennial teammate Jordan Lowe have both committed and have attended a number of scrimmages and games.

Centennial plays Phoenix Washington this Friday.

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