Williams feels the love

Arizona's coaching staff is busy making in-home visits for some of their top recruits. One recruit has always had a favorable opinion of the Wildcats but after sitting face-to-face with Lute Olson Marcus Williams is even more intrigued by Arizona.

Marcus Williams, a 6-6, 190-pound shooting guard/small forward from Seattle, Washington recently hosted an in home visit with Arizona Head Coach Lute Olson, and assistant coach Rodney Tention, and will be visiting the campus this weekend. The in home visit went well according to Williams as his excitement level of the school increased after the visit.

"It was great to get up close in person," said Williams. "We spoke about where I fit into the program."

In addition, Williams explained some pleasant surprises he had during the visit.

"Lute had more of a sense of humor than I thought he would," Williams stated.

This pleasant surprise could help navigate Williams to Arizona. Williams was unsure of just how high Arizona's level really was. He knew they were looking at a number of wings and really wasn't sure how much the Wildcats wanted him. After the visit he is well aware that Arizona's has had a lot of interest in him from the beginning.

"Rodney (Tention) explained the whole thing," Williams said. "They were interested all along, I just never felt it until now."

As a result of this, Williams is looking forward to visiting Arizona this weekend.

"I am very excited to visit Arizona," explained Williams. "I will meet with academic [advisors] and the guys, and I will have dinner at Lute's."

Williams is listing two other schools other than Arizona, and is in the process of taking his remaining visits.

"I am interested in Maryland, UConn, and Arizona," Williams said. "I visited Maryland last week, and I will visit UConn the week after next."

Williams is looking for a number of things in a school.

"I am looking for a chance to play, a good relationship with the coach, and prestige," Williams explained. "Arizona has all of those things."

Williams is getting down to the end of his visits, and will soon make a decision.

"I will probably make a decision shortly after I visit UConn."

Williams has been interested in Arizona all along, but only until now has he felt this much love. Although Williams does not have a top school, the fact that he has been interested in Arizona from the start, despite not feeling that he was a priority, has proven Williams' desire to play for the Cats."

CAT TRACKS' ANALYSIS: From all indications the visit went great. Apparently not only did the Wildcats make a good impression on Williams, but the young wing and his mother made a great impression on Lute Olson. The Cats will get a great feel for how Williams will fit in the program after he makes his visit and interacts with the guys. If the team really seems to like him, his stock could go up a bit more.

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