Fleming and Smith Q&A

Arizona gets a chance at revenge this week. Two years ago Wisconsin dominated the Wildcats. Steve Fleming and Marcus Smith discuss this week's game, plus the loss against Utah.

Senior Tight End Steve Fleming

On Wisconsin:

"Obviously they're going to be a tough team. They play in a tough conference. They usually don't hide too much. I've just watched them on TV. [Our] guys are going try to stop the run. Their guys are going to load up the line and try to stop our run. Offensively they've lost a few key guys."

On Wisconsin being a being a physical team:

"They play a physical brand of football. That whole conference (Big 10) does. That whole part of the country does. I think it's going to be a tough fight. We've got a tough defense and our offense is still kind of getting their wheels turning, so I think it's going to come down to toughness and determination."

What do you remember from the game a couple years ago?

"It was a great place to play. The whole atmosphere was a lot of fun. They were big, from their corners to their tackles were, they all were really big. I hope we can use our speed and toughness and conditioning and catching them at 1:00 our time down here is going to be a huge advantage for us."

How's the cooling vest?

"I tried it out. It was pretty nice. I think we'll be given a lot more of an advantage these next few weeks where we play in a little hotter weather. I didn't really use it much but when I did use it I felt a difference."

Were the turnovers against Utah frustrating? Did you go to Mike Bell and try to raise his spirits?

"Yeah the turnovers were definitely frustrating and being unable to capitalize in the red zone was extremely frustrating especially since we moved the ball much better than we had so far, so it's disappointing not being able to get the points. Mike seemed like he got down on himself, one bad game or two bad carries. Hopefully he stays positive."

The throw in the endzone, did you turn the wrong way or was it thrown over the wrong shoulder?

"I think Kris saw it early so the ball was in the air before I went on my break, so I had to adjust in the air."

Junior Defensive End Marcus Smith

Is the defensive line playing better?

"I think so. I think we're stronger, able to hold the plane longer. Better conditioning."

On putting more pressure on the quarterback:

"Yeah we're getting in his way a little bit. I think it's because we're in better condition. We've been practicing all footwork and speed work, getting off the ball all summer so it's coming into play now."

On Wisconsin's offense and them being big up front:

"Yeah I remember that in my freshman year playing against them so I've been looking forward to this game because I wasn't ready for that, but now I am. I already know they come to pound the ball and it's going to be a test for our defensive line this week."

What do you remember from that game against Wisconsin two years ago."

"That I was way too small to be playing against them."

How much weight did you gain in the offseason

"45 pounds since then. This past offseason I gained about 10."

What do you have to do against their running game?

"Stop them at the line of scrimmage. Create a new line of scrimmage."

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