Marcus Williams pick-up report

After what appeared to be a successful in-home visit, Marcus Williams has taken an official visit to the University of Arizona this weekend. On Friday he played pick-up with the team, giving us a first look at the how the talented wing might mesh with his future teammates.

Marcus Williams, a 6-6, 190-pound wing from Seattle started out a little timid in his first game of pick-up, but quickly came into his own, showing off his talent, and making a few friends in the process.

As the session went along, Williams gained confidence. He knocked down a number of threes from the right wing. He was able to get off his shot and seemed to find a comfort zone. As the session progressed, Williams showed more versatility. Soon he was slashing to the basket and threw down a few nasty dunks.

He's got great length and could very well be the type of lanky, athletic wings that Lute Olson loves. While guarding Ivan Radenovic he poked the ball away on a couple of occasions. The second steal gave him a breakaway chance. While racing down the court, Frye yelled "dunk it." Williams settled for the safe lay-in and Frye said in mock disappointment "that's all right, you can dunk it next time."

Though in the first two games Channing Frye came up huge with 20 points. Frye was knocking down long shots, including a three poitner and then became a terror down low after the defense softened up. The moment of the afternoon came when Williams skied high for an incredible dunk over Hassan Adams. The cheers quickly followed by people in the stands as well as a shocked Frye, who yelled cheering at the dunk. What came across as one of the better and more special moments of the afternoon, came moments later when Adams, who had been having many spectacular dunks of his own, went over and gave Williams a high-five. The brief moment may have seemed like a brief moment of good sportsmanship, but was actually more telling.

It seems as if the players like Williams as a person as well as a player. For a recruit to come in and show up one of Arizona's best players, and to gain his respect in the process, proves the potential for Williams to mesh with the team at Arizona. There have been times in the past where a recruit came in and out played a current player only to invoke his wrath.

After what was described as a great in-home visit between Williams, Olson and assistant coach Rodney Tention, perhaps Arizona will come away with a commitment this weekend. Williams had always liked Arizona, but never felt this much love until now.

The players seem to like him, and he hustles hard in all aspects of his game. He was not afraid to defend the Arizona players hard, and he is a fundamental player. Williams can obviously score, but isn't afraid to give up the ball and let the older players take charge.

From what we have heard, any of the reservations that Olson may have had are quickly melting away. Williams is a smart, nice young man who has been asking good questions and is trying to get as much out of the visit as he can. If the players have indeed taken to him, then it could go a long way in cementing his presence at Arizona.

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