Game Talk

Cat Tracks caught up with both sides after the 9-7 UA loss to Wisconsin to get quotes and thoughts from players and coaches. Here is what they had to say.

Arizona Coach Mike Stoops

In General

"It was a disapointing outcome but the kids played well throughout the game. Wisconsin was able to make the plays and we were not able to make near enough in the last quarter. Wisconsin is a very good football team but we made them work, so I am proud. I have been around football for a long time and and I know what this team is capable of. We are a good team - we were only a field goal away from winning. There is a fine line between losing and winning. We just weren't able to cross that line."

On the defense

"Our defense was good and we need to keep playing like we did this game. Now we have to learn to get the ball in the end zone more. The offense takes the most time to develop and we are starting to gain consistency with our offense."

On the game delay

"The delay was unfortunate but you have to deal with things like that. We got the players relaxed so I do not think it affected them too much."

On the running game

"Gilbert (Harris), Mike (Bell) and Chris (Henry) all ran the ball really well. They are three excellent players."

On Nick Folk and the last kick

"Nick has kicked well during camp and practice, but missing field goals is what happens sometimes in football. This wasn't a very good kicking turf for either team anyway because of the rain."

Free Safety Darrell Brooks

"We should have won. We were pumped the entire game. The delay didn't matter. We were pumped until the last 30 seconds. We definitely were up for the challenge."

Linebacker Sean Jones

"We just came up short. The game was physical and we really brought it to them. I wish we didn't have the delay because our legs tightened up. We needed to keep going. We had momentum until the end. The keys for us were definitely the fourth downs. The defense did not come out like it should have but this is college footballl."

Wide Receiver Mike Jefferson

"Everyone is doing their job and we're getting better. I feel as the weeks go on we're getting better and better."

On his 44-yard touchdown

"We tried to take advantage of their coverage 0 defense on my touchdown. The ball took a long time to get their but I had confidence in Heavner's arm."

On the rain delay

"We wanted to use the heat to our advantage but it didn't work out that way."

Strong Safety Lamon Means

"We played as a team but it was not enough to win.

On the positives UA can draw from the game

"No good came out of today because we didn't come up with the win. We played hard but it wasn't enough. I do think that we are getting better each week, though."

On Nick Folk's kick

"I was comfortable but not enough because he still had to make the kick."

Wisconsin Head Coach Barry Alvarez

In General

"First of all, we are pleased with the win today. The guys showed a lot of character in their first game on the road. We found a way to win. Mike Stoops and his staff have their team ready. They are fast and strong defensively. They will win football games. There was one point where we didn't know if we would be able to finish the game. It looked like there was going to be an hour of lightning and possibly some lightning later on. I could see us sitting in the locker room for three hours and then get out there and play for only five minutes. I had a conversation with Mike Stoops and we went ahead and decided to play. I think we got a break with the overcast play. The weather was not a factor at all in the first half of play."

On running back Booker Stanley

"Booker played very well in the second half. He played very hard. He was down and he knew he had to carry the load for us today. He came out and played much better after the first half."

On Arizona's play

"I give Arizona credit. They did a nice job. As for giving up our first touchdown of the season, you are going to give up touchdowns. It was a slippery field and we had guys falling down."

On the delay

"We didn't let the delay affect how we approached the game. After we came back out, we figured we would finish the game."

Wisconsin Fullback Matt Bernstein

"Anytime you have an extended halftime you never want to sit around too much. We all just tried to keep our body heat up and headphones on. We were all just trying to stay mellow."

On Arizona's defense

"The game was a grind and Arizona has a big defense and they fought. We were pretty tired by the end of it all."

Defensive Back Robert Brooks

"Our defense played well as a team. We communicate well which helps us execute as a team. We came out with some fire and things worked out."

Running Back Booker Stanley

"I felt our guys came out with a little bit more urgency after the delay. I got a little tired going three quarters back-to-back, but we stuck with it and pulled through."

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