Lamont Lovett: Wildcats closer than you think

It's always tough to take a loss, especially when it's a game where your team had a chance to win. But in the case of Arizona football, the good days might be here sooner than we think.

I think the Wildcats are going to get good a lot faster than people think. At the rate this coaching staff coaches, the way they accumulate talent and the way they develop it, it will happen fast. I really believe that.

We've seen improvement already. Like the teams I played on in the early 90s, the Wildcats emphasize special teams, defense and running the ball. I think the run has been out of necessity the first few games. If you can run it, you don't have to open up the offense. You can control the clock. If you're running the ball it shows a certain amount of dominance up front.

Despite what we've seen so far, Arizona can still be pretty diverse. There's a lot to this offense. I think they come into the game with a plan and a lot of stuff, but then if something works they go that direction. They're going to use what they need to use and what they need to be successful. They have a lot there.

I would like to see Nic Costa as the goalline quarterback. It adds a whole new element to the offense. You have to respect his running ability. You can't just load up and shoot the gaps because this guy can run around the edge. You can run option. You can do a lot of things in short yardage. He's not good as a pure dropback passer, but you're not asking him to do that at the goal line. Last year every time they put him in he threw a touchdown pass, let him run option or dump it off. That's perfect for him.

Arizona has already shown it can play well on defense. It has improved on special teams. I believe the offense will come along, and when it does, the UA will win games. This year. Maybe it begins this week.

Lamont Lovett serves as color commentator for UA football radio broadcasts

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