Donald Horton discusses commitment

DeSoto, TX DT Donald Horton Jr. was in Tucson over the weekend and it didn't take him long to make a decision about committing to the Wildcats. Horton had long favored the Wildcats and Sunday night he made the decision.

Donald Horton wants to be a Wildcat. When we spoke with him on Friday he felt that he would need a few days to let the visit soak in. Horton only needed a few hours. Horton called the Wildcat coaches shortly after getting back home to Texas.

Despite a Wildcat loss and a the remnants of tropical storm Javier nearly flooding out the stadium, it was actually the Wildcats' game against Wisconsin that sealed the deal.

"What really sold me on them was when I went to the game," Horton said. "I liked how the coaches were. They almost beat two top-25 teams and they don't have the type of personnel in place that they want to. That tells me the coaches really now what they are doing."

Horton realized that the storm that blew through Tucson on Saturday was a not typical of an Arizona September.

"It didn't start out that way," Horton laughed.

Before the visit Horton wanted to meet with the Wildcat freshmen and see how they liked the new staff. He felt that the younger players best represented his personality and his views. If they liked it, odds are he would like it.

"Hanging out with the players is the part I liked best," Horton said. "Most of the guys I hung out with were freshmen and they were pretty cool."

Among the players who hosted Horton were Ronnie Palmer, Bobby McCoy, James Alford and Chris Henry.

Another huge factor in his commitment was the facilities and the new culture of winning around the athletic department.

"The facilities are great and all of the stuff available to the players is amazing," Horton said. "They have access to all kinds of cool stuff."

Horton will be joined by at least two other DeSoto players and a third, Brian Jackson, is close to committing. The fact that his high school teammates is not the main reason he pledged to the Wildcats, but it sure does make things easier.

"It didn't really affect my decision, it's a plus because I won't have to make new friends," he said.

Horton plays defensive tackle for DeSoto but at just 6-1 and 245 pounds Horton's future is not on the inside. The Wildcat coaches want his to start out as a defensive end, but since he prefers to play linebacker the coaches have given him the okay to try out at linebacker.

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