Big time backer loves his visit

Every week it seems as if we are amazed at how Arizona recruiting is going. Case in point, last week one of the top linebackers on the West Coast called up the Wildcat coaches and asked to visit. He just wanted to check out a good football game, but came away with a team that will be a factor in his recruiting.

E.J. Savannah knew that he wanted to take a visit this weekend, he just wasn't sure where. After looking at all of the teams he was considering and all of the games on the slate, he decided that Arizona/Wisconsin was a good match-up and a good trip to take. Unbeknownst to him, he'd come away far more impressed than he believed he would be.

"They moved up," Savannah said. "I wasn't really considering them as seriously as I am now. They really helped themselves and are a program that I'll seriously be considering,"

Savannah said that he really just wanted to experience an official visit and see what happens to recruits. He really did not know what to expect, but admits to having a blast.

"It was a good visit," Savannah said. "I got to meet some of the recruits who are already committed and some of the recruits who are looking at the school."

The main attraction for the four-star linebacker said that the Wildcat defense is the main attraction. He loved what he saw from the fabled Mike Stoops defense, especially the aggressive nature of the run defense.

"They come out and crack heads," Savannah said. "They really lay the wood. They have fast flying players that like to hit. I like that."

He was also improved with the reclamation project that the staff is undergoing. He, like a number of recruits, sees what has been going on in the desert and is intrigued.

"I really like what coach Stoops is doing," Savannah noted. "It looks like they are turning the program around fast."

As of now the Wildcats are in great shape, but Savannah is still fine tuning his list of schools and is sort of in the infancy stages of the recruiting process. Most of the Pac-10 is involved and he isn't ready to finalize a list.

Right now the Arizona visit is going to be the only visit for now. The final four will have to wait until after the season. He wants to wait until the season is over and his Bellevue squad is poised for a deep run in the playoffs, so the rest of the visits will likely have to wait until December.

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