Mike Stoops press conference quotes

The Wildcats are coming off a tough loss, but Mike Stoops isn't making any excuses. He's defending the team's play calling and is now looking forward to this Saturday's game against Washington State.

Opening comments:

"I am encouraged by a lot of the things we are doing. I thought we had our share of opportunities to convert some plays and make some plays to win the football game."

"We need to find ways to make plays in situations to win games. That is probably the hardest thing to do, is to make those plays to finish games off. We have to continue to find ways to do that.

"Defensively we are playing extremely well. Our secondary is really, really well. We had a few minor breakouts late in the game or they would have played an exceptional game.

"Our secondary seems to be our strength defensively the guys are very athletic and active players they are showing their ability to play.

"Offensively we didn't execute nearly good enough in critical areas. Third down really hurt us. I think that is the worst thing we did defensively. Third down conversions and turnovers are two critical areas in football games. You have to get off the field and you have to keep the chains moving from an offensive perspective. We had some opportunities and rushed some throws and didn't execute some throws. We had our opportunities to move the ball."

"The running backs continue to impress us. I really like what we are doing with our backs. Our line has to continue to be more physical and receivers need to make big plays for us. We are close on some things but not converting on enough situations."

On Washington State

"Washington State is another big challenge. They are playing well but we match up well with them. Having them at home, the pac-10 season is starting. Our kids are disappointed but having the game on ABC and playing a Pac-10 opener is exciting for everybody. I think our kids are even more determined this week than they were last week."

Are you surprised with how the defense has played so far?

"Not really. We have good schemes and we have been teaching technique and how to play and the numbers have been really, really good, and we are not playing without much depth. We need to get better in a couple of areas to really make us a much better defense."

You played a couple of young defensive linemen in Yaniv Barnett and Johnathan Turner, how do you think they played?

"They both have chances to be really, really good football players. Those are two guys who I think are special and have great qualities in defensive lineman."

On the biggest adjustment for the young defensive linemen:

"The speed and the strength. It is much faster and the people are much more physical when you play inside there. These linemen you don't see that every day in high school, no matter where you play. The strength becomes the biggest factor."

On the WSU defense

"They play hard, tough kids. They execute well. They have been in their program a long time. They play hard."

On getting Brandon Phillips back:

"Having Brandon helps us. It gives us more power on the offensive line, He is a physical player. I'm not sure how we will work the whole line. We will continue to work at combinations on the offensive line. is suspect he will be in the starting lineup at right or left tackle."

On his team's lack of penalties so far.

"I think we have done a good job. One of the penalties was foolish and the other one I don't know why it was called. It was ridiculous. We are playing relatively smart football for the majority of the games."

On the procedure call on the final drive:

"I thought the five-yard penalty really hurt us. That was our demise. To lose five yards from the 25 is concerning to me. It makes a difference. I think the 5-yard penalty puts you behind the 8-ball. That was a big call. That was a very marginal call at best. They said he moved some part of his body. To me that is a tough call to make in that situation.

"I don't know what I can comment on. I guess I will learn this week. It is tested my patience with the whole officiating crew. I will take that up with the proper authorities, and we have. My comments are limited to that."

On the 15-yard penalty for excessive celebration:

"It is up to their discretion That is where you run into what is appropriate and what isn't. That is up to them."

On the adjustment from the Big 12 to Pac-10 officials"

"You are always going to have disagreements, they are not perfect, I understand that. We are not perfect too. There are some blatant calls. the face mask where a kid to get his face ripped off, you are talking about the health of a kid. to not be called and cost us points. We are at the 50 yard line and they rip his face off and we don't' get a personal foul, you are not protecting the kids, that is what the rules are there for. It is frustrating. Everybody makes mistakes."

What kind of standards have you set for your team?

"I fully expect to win every time we play. For me not to expect that I probably should not be in this position. I never go into a game without whole heartedly thinking we have the opportunity to win. Our players understand that."

On the team's attitude after the close loss

"We have to realize we are a good football team and when we play well and our executing we are pretty good. When we get in bad situations we are not good enough to convince them. We have to continue to play smart and continue to play good defense to have the opportunity tow in.

"There is no one discouraged. We are probably encouraged on where we can be if we continue to work. We are getting into the pca-10 season. We are going to match up well with everybody we play. Our execution has to get better.

"Offensively we have to score more points. We have to find ways to get some points on the board and move the ball." I understand who we have played the last two weeks. they are further along physically than who we are. It is hard to overcome in a nine or 10-month period of time, it takes years of physical training. we just have to keep getting better physically.

"They are upset because we had every opportunity to win and we didn't I think we are upset in ourselves in execution in areas we had every opportunity to make plays. If you ever accept losing than it becomes a habit and then you ought not to be playing."

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