DeSoto DB favors the Wildcats

With three DeSoto players already committed to the University of Arizona, it may not be a stretch to add a fourth. The Cats have targeted four DeSoto players and the last on the list is DB Brian Jackson. Jackson was in town over the weekend, but did the Cats do a good enough job on him?

Brian Jackson may be the most talented of the ‘DeSoto Four'. He's the only one of the four who has yet to commit to the Wildcats. He was in town over the weekend and the visit went great according to Jackson.

"It sure went well," Jackson said. "They're about 70-30, Arizona over Oklahoma that is."

Jackson was not only on hand to watch the Wildcats lose, but he was in town during some of the worst weather in recent memory. Despite these two negatives, Jackson loved everything else.

"I liked the players, the coaches, the entire staff. It's a real cool place. The visit really helped them in my eyes."

The best part of the visit was in Jackson's interaction with the current players. He and all the other recruits spent a ton of time with the players and really got the experience of being part of the team.

"We were just in the locker room or hanging out," Jackson said. "We were just doing what they were doing most of the time."

When Jackson was not with the players he was touring the facilities and the school. He seemed to really enjoy what he saw and was one of many players in town last weekend who really enjoyed what he saw and was surprised at what was made available to Arizona student athletes.

Jackson claims that a decision could come in the next few weeks, but has set no timetable for making a pledge.

Jackson plays safety in high school but says that the Wildcats want him "strictly at corner".

As with all the other recruits who were in town, we had to ask what his opinions were of the freak storm that passed through Tucson.

"It was fun, we went in the locker room and then back out in the rain," Jackson said. "We actually had a very good time."

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