Pondexter planning trip to Tucson

Quincy Pondexter, a 6-5, 180-pound small forward from Fresno, California is very interested in Arizona and has planned an unofficial visit to the Old Pueblo. The highly rated player has strong connections to head coach Lute Olson, and could very well follow in his father and uncle's footsteps.

Quincy Pondexter's father and uncle played under Olson at Long Beach State. In fact it is the stories his father tells him that makes Arizona look even more appealing.

"My Dad always tells stories," explained Pondexter. "He always tells me what a great coach Lute is."

Pondexter is favoring Arizona. While he is looking at some other top schools, Arizona is at the top of his list.

"I am also interested in Washington, Oregon, Oklahoma, Kansas and UConn," said Pondexter. "Arizona really sticks out and will never slip down."

Pondexter indicated the Huskies and UConn join the Wildcats at the top of the list. The three schools stand out at this point over the other programs he is considering.

Arizona is clearly Pondexter's top choice. Though he maintains that he is interested in all of the schools he listed, Pondexter admits that Arizona is right up there. It is for this reason that Pondexter has scheduled an unofficial visit with Arizona.

"I am coming for Midnight Madness," Pondexter said. "My whole family will be coming with me."

Pondexter comes off as a very bright young man and seems to have an excellent head on his shoulders. Rather than looking for just for a basketball program in a school, Pondexter is looking for a nice campus and city.

"I want to see the city and campus life," said Pondexter. "All of the situations [at Arizona] fit me well. I love the city because it is small like Fresno. I am not a big city kind of guy."

What impresses Pondexter more than the basketball team is how well the players do after college. He feels that Olson is the right man to coach him.

"All of the players speak well and are well disciplined," Pondexter explained.

While Arizona is currently Pondexter's only unofficial visit set up, he is trying to schedule some others. Since Pondexter is visiting the campus the same time as Midnight Madness, he'll get to see a lot. He will be able to see how the players interact, how the fans look at the players and get a good idea of how he might fit in.

As well as being very intelligent, Pondexter is very unselfish. Playing time is obviously a concern, but he isn't overly worried about becoming an immediate starter. He knows he may have to bide his time.

"I wouldn't mind playing anywhere," said Pondexter. "I just want to play at some point."

Pondexter clearly favors Arizona,. It is obvious that he is well aware of the players and traditions of the Wildcats.

"My play is most like Richard Jefferson and Sean Elliott," Pondexter said.

It is clear from this statement just how much he knows Arizona. He isn't even old enough to have seen Elliott play at Arizona, but he followed him in the NBA anyway. Pondexter admires all of the former Arizona players and knows a lot about them. In our brief conversation he spoke about a number of former Wildcats, discussing their positives and even a few of their shortcomings.

CAT TRACKS' ANALYSIS: It is obvious that Pondexter loves the Wildcats. He'll be in Tucson on his first unofficial visit and from all indications the Cats will be hard to beat. His knowledge of the Wildcat program is somewhat reminiscent of current Wildcat Jawann McClellan who compared himself to Michael Dickerson. Like McClellan, Pondexter knows a whole lot about Olson and Wildcat history. It wouldn't be a shocker if the Cats got an early commitment out of the talented wing.

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