Spencer Hawes attracting attention

It looks like the Cats won't be adding a big man in this class, so that makes the class of 2006 even more important. Expect the Cats to try and sign two as they try to replace Isaiah Fox, and to a lesser extent, Channing Frye. Seattle big man Spencer Hawes will surely be a top target of the Wildcats.

Spencer Hawes is an athletic, versatile big man. The 6-10 post can run the floor and has a nice jumper. Hawes had just finished a workout with one of his coaches when we caught up with him.

When we last spoke with Hawes he was barely beginning to think about the recruiting process and it appears as if the major decision ahead has not really crossed his mind much. Hawes was not very forthcoming when it came to the teams he is considering.

CAT TRACKS: How was the summer circuit?

SPENCER HAWES: "I think I played well and showed what I can do...Vegas wasn't too hot, but overall I showed what I can do."

CT: Have (AAU teammates) Martell (Webster), Jon (Brockman) and Co. told you what to expect in the recruiting game?

Hawes: "Oh yeah, I've known Martell since the 7th grade, and got to know Jon last year. They have helped me a lot"

CT: What schools are looking at you the hardest right now?

HAWES: "Tons, it is starting to get a little crazy"

CT: What school fits your style of play the best?

HAWES: "To be honest, I really haven't started analyzing that yet, but what I'm looking for is where I would fit in. I like to get up and down the court, and step out to hit a jumper as well"

CT: Any pressure by family and friends to stay home and go to UDub?

Hawes: "No, not really. I think my dad would like for me to go to UW, but he is not pressuring me at all"

CT: Has your Uncle Steve helped you out in telling you what to expect?

Hawes: "Yeah, him and my dad are the ones telling me what to expect and how to deal with it, warning me it is about to get crazy, but they are not pressuring me at all. They know it is my decision"

CT: What are you Top Three criteria for choosing a school?

Hawes: One, tradition, before I was there, the present, and where they are headed. Two, prepping me for the next level and three, academics

CT: Is important for you to stay close to home?

Hawes: "Locale is not that important to me"

CT: What are you strengths/weaknesses?

Hawes: "I like to think I get it done both ways, inside and outside. I am more old school in that I rely on my footwork to get myself in position rather than brute strength, but I am working on that so I can have both advantages...I like to run the court a lot, fast paced teams. I am dedicated to my weight training"

CT: You are one of the top big men in your class, and you know how that goes, any thoughts on the NBA?

Hawes: "I'm not at all concerned about the NBA right now, I have read this and that on the Internet, but other than Oden, none of the ‘06 big men have the bodies right now for the pros. "By the time 06 rolls around, I think a lot of them will have the bodies and the opportunity to make the jump. Some will develop that and might make the jump, but I know college is such an experience and is a big jump as it is"

CT: Do you have any visits set up?

Hawes: "No, I am waiting until after the high school season is over with to take my unofficials and officials"

CT: Speaking of, how does the upcoming season look for you guys?

Hawes: "I think we look real good. We play in a tough league, but I believe that we have the best 1-2 combo in the state...there are some tough teams out there like Rainier Beach, but I like the way it looks for the season. We have as good a 1-2 punch as anyone, and add O'Dea as the teams to reckon with in our league."

CT: Any idea on what you want to study?

Hawes: I am looking to set myself up for pre law or business.

He insisted that he had no favorite and really didn't follow any one team as a child. In the past he has mentioned that he is a Washington fan, but followed Washington football more than Husky hoops.

Hawes is a smart, well-spoken young man. He is not revealing a whole lot right now about colleges, but a ton of big time schools are involved including Arizona, Washington, North Carolina and Duke.

CAT TRACKS' ANALYSIS: The Cats seemingly love Hawes. The big man will be among the best bigs in the nation. He isn't mentioning many schools at this point, but he has mentioned Arizona in the past. Washington should be in it until the end as his father and uncle both played for the Huskies.

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