Prince not tipping his hand

J.P. Prince, a 6-6 point guard from Memphis, has narrowed his list down to two schools with a decision to come Thursday. The cousin of Tayshaun Prince, J.P. has proven his abilities both on and off the court, and is vital to Arizona's recruiting.

J.P. Prince enters his final week of recruiting with only two schools. Prince is interested in both Arizona and Vanderbilt. Does Prince have a favorite at this time?

"Yes," said Prince, "I am leaning towards one school, although I cannot say which one."

Prince recently took an official visit to the University of Arizona in which he got to know the players quite well. The visit made Prince feel more secure about Arizona however the decision is up in the air.

"I feel solid about Arizona," said Prince. "However it is still up in the air and it will be a tough decision."

Prince is a well-educated young man with a 3.4 G.P.A. Therefore it is no surprise that he will not mention what school is currently leading, especially so close to his decision time.

Recently, there have been questions over whether or not Mustafa Shakur's future on the team is affecting his decision. While Shakur clearly appears to be leaning toward an early NBA entry, the question is whether or not it will occur after this year or next. Prince however silenced all of these rumors.

"That (the Shakur situation) will not affect my decision," explained Prince.

At this moment it appeared as though all of the potential problems for Prince attending Arizona may have been removed but there are a few problems still present. Most important is the distance factor.

Prince remarked that he would like to have Arizona closer to home, but that if he chooses Arizona it wouldn't be a problem.

While Prince appears to like the Wildcats quite a bit, Vanderbilt is also right there with them. Vanderbilt may have a number of the vital factors necessary that may pull Prince away from Arizona. The in state Commodores have been involved longer.

"Vanderbilt has been there all along," explained Prince. "Also they are close to home."

Prince is looking for a number of things in a school. He is looking for an opportunity to contribute right away, and wants a school that likes to run and allows the guards to run free. There have been a lot of reports that Prince does not want to compete with an incumbent point guard, but he says that was overblown. Of course he'd like to start as soon as possible, but he does not mind coming off the bench.

While Prince is a very solid player, he has admitted that he needs to make some improvements.

"I need to work on my shooting, mainly my mid-range jumper and 3-point shot," Prince said.

Prince will make a decision this Thursday and is a vital recruit for Arizona. Arizona cannot afford to lose another high profile recruit. The Cats have a few players waiting in the wings, but Prince is by far and away their top target.

CAT TRACKS' ANALYSIS: This one is too close to call. It sounds like that if all things were equal Arizona may be the slight favorite, but that Vanderbilt's location and loyalty could land them the big time guard recruit. This is a critical recruit for the Wildcats as he would give them a pretty solid recruiting class.

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