Pro and con: J.P. Prince

J.P. Prince will announce which school he will attend on Thursday morning. He has it narrowed it down to Arizona and Vanderbilt. Both schools have their pros and cons, but which school is the better fit?

If you break it down the decision is quite tough. Below is a chart with a variety of factors, including distance from home, chance at the NBA, style of play and conference affiliation. Arizona has the more storied tradition, the better likelihood of playing for a national title in the next few seasons and a proven track record of developing point guards, but Vandy is an in-state program, with a great academic reputation and a place where Prince can be "the man" sooner.


Both cities are nice. Tucson has the better weather when school is in session.

Playing time

The Cats could have Shakur, Vandy WILL have a senior PG.
Distance Vandy hands down.
Style of play The Cats are more likely to run. Prince loves to run.
NBA Development No school has done a better job developing NBA PG's.
Chance at National Title As of now it is still Arizona.
Conference The SEC is the better conference right now, although the Pac is getting better.
Education Arizona is a good school, Vandy is a great school.
X-Factor Vandy was one of the first  teams to get in on J.P. and he has a loyalty to them.


Both teams are tied at five apiece. Playing time may be a wash as there seems to be a good chance that both teams will have their starting point guard in place when he gets on campus. It could come down to distance from home vs. playing for an elite program.

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