Ricky Williams Q&A

Arizona goes back to Los Angeles for the first time since 2000. A number of players will get to play in their first game in front of their families in their hometown. Ricky Williams is one such player.

On Going to LA:

"It's fun to go down there and see friends and family I haven't seen in a while. Some of the people are going to get to watch me play who might not have cable or anything like that at home. It's going to be real fun to go back down there and play."

Have you ever played in the Rose Bowl before?

"All-Star game, but I have never went down there as an Arizona Wildcat and play so it should be real fun for me."

What it will be like playing at the Rose Bowl?

"It's a lot of excitement, going home to the crowd, there are going to be a lot of people out there backing you up, backing up the Wildcat, so it's going to be real fun and interesting to go out there, hopefully we come out with a victory though."

On teaching Freshmen to treat it like a business trip:

"Oh yeah. It's strictly business when we're playing away from home, and being that we have a young team a lot of guys will have to understand that and know that their composure level is going to have to be very low because we're going into a hostile environment where people are going to be booing you, and saying bad things about you, probably saying bad things about your coach, and you just have to run with it and go out there and play your game."

On focus:

"Everybody should be focused this week and once we get down there stay focused for the rest of the game and come out with a victory."

On Kris Heavner:

"He's doing real well. He's got a lot of pressure put on him because this is a new offense. He went from learning one offense last year to a new offense this year and a lot of people are trying to get on his bad side and talk bad about him but I think he's actually doing a real good job. He's not careless with the ball, he's making good decisions, but being the quarterback you have to take all the bumps and bruises. When the team plays well you're going to get praise for it, but when they play lousy you're going to be the one getting blamed for it. He doesn't let it bother him so I'm very impressed with that."

On the catch late in the Washington State game and the offense being patient:

"Patience is everything. As an offense you want to score the points and you want to score them fast, but in some games it might not go your way, and for Kris (Heavner) things weren't going his way early on, and as a receiver you just to get open as much as you can and make plays as much as you can. As the offense goes, we're going to get better, it's just going to take a little time."

On timing of the bye week:

"I think it [came at a good time]. We lost two heartbreakers the last two games. It came down to the wire. I think mentally it got everybody away from the game, able to go home if they want to go home, spend time with their families, let the coaches go away. Everybody was just away from here, way from the scenery. I think it's going to help out, and I think coming into this week guys are going to be a lot more energized and focused."

On going back home to Los Angeles:

"Yes I went home for a couple of days. I came back Sunday. Probably about half [the guys went home], it's hard to say cause I think a lot of freshmen probably went home, a lot of upperclassmen probably went home. Some people stayed out here at school and just wanted to relax and stuff."

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