Prince Opts To Play In Pac-10

At an afternoon press conference at his school, Memphis White Station point guard J.P. Prince announced his college intentions.

If you were in the camp that thought Mustafa Shakur might scare away J.P. Prince, well, you were wrong.

At a press conference at Prince's school, the 6-foot-6 senior who ranks No. 29 in America, committed to the Wildcats over Vanderbilt.

"I think they're expecting [Mustafa Shakur] not to be there next year but he could be there," Prince said shortly before his press conference. "It affects me a little bit but regardless I'm happy with my decision."

To Prince, the bigger risk wasn't Shakur's presence at the point but the fact he was going to leave home.

"It's taking a risk because most of the southern kids stay close to home and being at Vanderbilt I might have been guaranteed that I should start as a sophomore."

Prince, a Memphis White Station product, is our No. 5 ranked point guard in the country. He's clearly an elite level passer. At his size, Prince can be a matchup problem, especially after a year in a college weight room. Combine his natural ability with his pedigree – he's the son of a former college coach – and you've got one talented individual.

Vanderbilt, meanwhile, was a tough school to turn down in the end. "My heart was in Vanderbilt. It was a chance to build the program and maybe be the man. It was temping and I was still up in the air. It was a very difficult decision but the NBA development really made the difference."

Prince, not known for his scoring acumen, figures the way the Wildcats play he's bound to find the bucket more often.

"They averaged 87 points a game last year so I've got to put up some kind of numbers."

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