Game Talk: Arizona vs. UCLA

PASADENA, Calif. - It was another rough game for the Wildcats. It wasn't as close as the last two, but it was still a tough loss. Mike Stoops and running backs Mike Bell and Chris Henry discussed the game.

Head Coach Mike Stoops

On Mistakes:

"Penalties in the first half, dropped balls, lack of execution at critical times, our third down conversion hurt us again."

"We didn't play very smart and that hurts us and our execution in some areas, fundamentally catching the football. We dropped three touchdown passes, which is not something we're good enough to overcome at this point, so we have to continue to keep emphasizing some of those things."

On Running Game:

"We knew going into the game we'd run the ball on them. They've give up 5.5 a game and certainly didn't do anything to improve that stat so we knew that would be a big part of our game plan."

"Ultimately our pass offense and our pass defense, lack of execution there really hurt us."

On Lack of Depth at Defensive Tackle:

"We're thin across the line. It's just how it is, but our kids play hard. The effort is always there."

On Mercedes Lewis:

"He kind of single handedly got us tonight, and Drew Olson at quarterback I thought did some good things. He's a good player and he's maturing nicely."

On Kicking Game:

"We didn't think we were particularly good in the kicking game all night."

Corner Back Darrell Brooks

On the Defense:

"We played the run well, we played the pass terrible. WE emphasized the run game, but we were lackadaisical on the pass."

On UCLA Avoiding the Middle:

"That's something one of the players told me they were trying to do."

Offensive Coordinator Mike Canales

On the Game:

"We wanted to stretch the field. We had a game plan to come out, run the ball, and we felt like we could pound them on the right side, and we did. I don't know what our stats were and I'm not concerned with that because the only one I'm concerned with is winning."

On the Penalties:

"Penalties at a critical time. The big catch on the sideline (Syndric) Steptoe makes and all of a sudden we get a personal foul. They're our own worst enemy and we're tired of saying it every damn week."

Running Back Mike Bell On the Team Now:

"Once we correct the little things I think our team is going to be really good."

On Chris Henry:

"Chris Henry's doing a great job. He's going to be a great player here in the future."

Running Back Chris Henry

On His Game:

"I was really excited to get as many runs as I did."

On Scoring his First Touchdown:

"It felt real good. We've been practicing that all week."

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