Kevin Garrett Update

Harbor City (Ca) LB/S Kevin Garrett (6-0, 200, 4.6) denies a leader--but favors Arizona, Oregon, Washington St, Utah and San Jose St. All have offered.

The youngster from Narbonne HS says, "This whole process is going to be a family decision. All these teams are the same because I need more time to do a background search on them. I'm not going to go with whose who got the winning record right now…I need to see what these schools have to offer in both football and academics.

"Arizona is a program that is under construction --they are a rebuilding team. I like their attacking defense and how they use the LB. They are actually recruiting me as a rover. It's close to home and I've got some family members that live in Tempe. I wouldn't mind going there.

"Oregon's LB coach (Don) Pellum told me he wants me there as an impact player right away. They have a great winning program. They have three open spots at LB, and if I were to go there it would be my chance to play as a true frosh. I'd probably like to redshirt my first year just to get used to the program and gain some more weight.

"I don't know too much about Washington St. The LBs make some great plays there though. The LBs there are generally my size too. They have a great defense that makes plays overall as well.

"Utah just offered me today (10/10) and they are a top ten team in the nation. I really haven't heard much about them until this year. I was really impressed with their defense against Texas A&M. They will be pretty weak at the LB position after this year and coach (Urban) Meyer wants me to go in their and be an impact player.

"I haven't seen San Jose St play to be honest. They are close to home and I've got some family that lives in San Francisco. They've had a shaky program the past couple years…other than that I don't know too much about them." Garrett has no other offers.

He says he will officially visit Washington St, Oregon, Arizona and Utah--no dates.

Five game (4-1) stats: 58 tackles/30 TFL/2 sacks/3 FR-1 TD/1 FC

2.4/900 SAT/Nov retake

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