Chris Henry Q&A

Chris Henry had a big game in the Wildcats' loss to UCLA. The redshirt freshman helped solve some of the Cats' redzone woes with a pair of touchdowns. Now he and the Wildcats head to Eugene for a showdown with Oregon.

How bad do you need a win?

"I don't think it is worry just self realization that we can't count on anybody but ourselves to pull out the wins. The coaches can tell us what to do and draw up all the schemes but in the end it is about us to execute and now we have to do that on the field to win the games. Coaches can't get on the field and run for us, just tell us how to run, how fast to run and who to hit."

Did you visit Oregon?

"I went on an unofficial. It was loud but not louder than we have got this year. We are used to it. We will be all right. When the crowd is out for me that gets me more pumped up."

How do you feel about where you are at?

"I have some work to do as far as my vision and seeing where I am supposed to be running. It's not like high school where you run where ever you want to. I have a lot more work on my vision and defensive recognition in terms of what stunts they are running.

"I know during camp I was just slow learning the plays. I had to sit back and learn the plays and learn the concept and not just what I had to do on certain plays. It is a lot easier when you learn the concepts of the plays because they you now what everybody is supposed to do and how everything is supposed to work."

You were a pretty big linebacker recruit out of high school. Any chance of you moving to defense?

"I like where I am playing, running with the ball and getting the ball in my hands and being able to create. I am pleased where I am right now."

How has the team dealt with Sheldon Watts' shooting?

"Everybody is relived he is going to be okay and is going to pull through it. We have to come together as a team and be stronger with our decision making and the things we do. We are somewhat marked going to the UA. We are targets for things that we say or do, it is can be misinterpreted because we play for the UA.

"Everybody has had situations like that in times, not as far as being shot at, but everybody ha altercation and misinterpreted things that are said. All you can do is hope that the misunderstandings lead to something like that.

"In the heat of the moment when everybody's adrenaline is running you are not able to make rational decisions until after it happens. The next time you face that the rationally is able to face it, can I make a better decision."

Do you think most of the guys will just walk away from now on?

"It is not that hard, but when you first come in as a freshman, it is not like you have a lot or prove, but with the years you are here and experience, you learn you don't have to prove yourself to anybody."

Do you have extra motivation to win for Sheldon?

"We just have to win, period. We are passed winning for people and winning for motivation and that type of stuff. We have to win. Once we pull out a win as a team the morale will go through the roof and everybody will be a lot more confident in everything they do and the way they carry themselves on and off the field."

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