Robert Peele update

Fresno Edison cornerback Robert Peele has had Arizona at or near the top of his list for much of the summer and fall. Two new teams have recently emerged in Peele's top three in recent weeks although recruiting has taken a back seat lately for the Fresno speedster while he concentrates on his own football season.

Cat Tracks: Robert, how is your team doing so far this year?

Robert Peele: Our team is doing all right. We are 4-2 on the season now. We played Hoover Friday night and we won 33-0.

CT: Do you play both ways or just on defense?

RP: I play just defense.

CT: Who do you play next?

RP: We play Bullard Friday

CT: Who would you say are your top three teams now?

RP: My top three would be USC, Cal and I would say, Arizona.

CT: Who was the first team to offer you a scholarship?

RP: Cal was actually the first team to offer me.

CT: Who has been recruiting you the hardest?

RP: I would say Cal has been recruiting the hardest.

CT: What coach is recruiting you for the Wildcats?

RP: Coach Spurrier has been recruiting me from Arizona.

CT: Do you plan to take an official visit?

RP: I think I will take a visit to Arizona, but I haven't taken my test yet. I take it Nov. 6th.

CT: How big are you now?

RP: I'm 5-10, 180 and I run around a 4.4 forty yard dash. I bench press 245 pounds.

CT: What got you interested in Arizona?

RP: I guess what interested me is the coaches. Coach Spurrier is pretty cool. I like the coaches and I like what I've heard about the school and the area. I've heard it gets hot down there, but it gets hot here too. I would say the new coaching staff is one of my big focuses of interest in Arizona.

CT: Do you know what you're going to major in? Do you have an idea of what your career plans are?

RP: I want major in business and management. I want to have a business of my own some day.

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