Pondexter thrilled with visit

Quincy Pondexter thoroughly enjoyed his visit to Arizona for Midnight Madness and Arizona has established themselves as the outright leader, though a commitment has not yet occurred.

Pondexter visited Arizona with his entire family, who all enjoyed the visit as well. Pondexter's father and uncle played under Coach Olson at Long Beach State however his uncle was unable to make the trip.

"I loved it, and my family liked it too," explained Pondexter.

While the purpose of Pondexter's visit was to look at Arizona, Midnight Madness was important to him as well. He had been listing the Wildcats as a favorite before the visit and felt even more secure about Arizona following the event.

"I loved Midnight Madness, and how the entire town really embraces the team," said Pondexter. "You do not see that at all in Fresno."

Pondexter is not the first recruit to comment on how Tucsonans embrace the team. James Keefe also commented on that, as well as a number of recruits in the past. However, this is not the only thing that caught Pondexter's eye.

"I loved the facilities, the coaches, and the players," Pondexter said.

Pondexter is has long been interested in Arizona, and has not strayed away from saying that Arizona is his leader. However, he is also looking into other schools, though his list continues to change slightly.

"Arizona is still a leader by far," said Pondexter. "I am also interested in Oklahoma, Connecticut, Kansas, Washington, and Oregon."

Pondexter is still weighing his options. With his high school season right around the corner, it could be tough getting out to see some of the other schools on his list.

"I am trying to plan [unofficials] right now," explained Pondexter. "Right now, there aren't any planned. I am going to keep looking at schools, but I want to focus on this upcoming basketball season. I don't plan on losing a game this season."

Pondexter does not have any other visits set up, but he is actually getting closer and closer to making a decision, and wants to commit sometime over the next few months.

"I plan to commit around the beginning of the year, between December and February," stated Pondexter.

CAT TRACKS' ANALYSIS: Arizona is in the driver's seat and if there is an early commitment on the way, he'll be a Wildcat. Even if Pondexter backs off his plan to verbal by February, the Cats should be in great shape. With his family connections to Coach Olson, Arizona has long been the leader and continues to be his top choice. While he has not committed yet, it would be very surprising if his final decision was not Arizona.

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