E.J. Savannah update

Things have been moving fast this fall for standout linebacker E.J. Savannah after his Bellevue Washington High team ended traditional prep power De La Salle, California's 151 game winning streak. Not only is Savannah's team still undefeated and rated in the upper echelons of the USA Today prep rankings, the 6-2, 210 pounder had a chance to show off his running skills recently.

Cat Tracks: E.J., did you have any idea what you guys were starting when you went down to De LaSalle this year?

EJ Savannah: Not really. I think they lost like three times now. It's not too good a season for them but they were a tough team to play. You never saw signs of them quitting.

CT: Have you been able to keep track of the Wildcats since your visit?

EJ: I saw the Wazzou game. I catch up on them a lot. I'm talking to Coach Dunn a lot. I get letters from them a lot so I'm keeping up with them pretty well.

CT: How is your season going so far?

EJ: We are undefeated. I'm playing LB, DE, TE and RB. I had 4 carries for 110 yards as a halfback in our last game. It was the first time I played halfback this season.

CT: How did you like it playing running back?

EJ: I liked it. I like controlling the game when you have the ball.

CT: Since you went to Arizona have you taken any other visits?

EJ: I haven't visited anywhere else. I plan on taking the rest of my visits after the season.

CT: What did you think of your visit to Arizona?

EJ: I mean it was a great experience. I loved going down there. They treated me well. I like the players, I like the coaches. There were a lot of characteristics I liked about the coaches and players and I liked the city.

CT: Who was your host?

EJ: Sheldon Watts was my host. We got to hang out. A lot of the players had to be in their dorms. So I got to experience a typical game-time experience that the players have.

CT: Have you decided on a major? Do you have any idea what you want to do after football?

EJ: I really don't what I'm going to major in and I don't know what I'm going to do after football.

CT: Who do you play this week?

EJ: We play Interlake High School. They are all right. I transferred to Bellevue from Interlake so there will be some extra incentive for them against me.

CT: What was your impression of Coach Mike Stoops when you visited?

EJ: I got to spend some time with him one on one and then when I watched the game in person, I could see that he's a coach that's intense. He's really involved with his coaching. I like a coach who is intense. My coach in high school, Coach Hasty, the defensive coordinator, is very intense.

CT: Did you hear about his penalty this week against Oregon?

EJ: Yeah, I heard about his six inch penalty.

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