Richard Kovalcheck Q&A

Richard Kovalcheck is making his first start on Saturday. The redshirt freshman passer came to the University with a lot of hype, but did not see his first action until last weekend. He talks about Cal, his first snaps at Oregon and the frustration of not being in the mix.

On Cal:

"I think that is going to be the toughest game we play all year. USC is the no. 1 team in the nation and they only beat Cal by seven, plus USC's offense is ridiculous and they only put up 232 against them. I think it is going to be a tough game."

On getting the starting nod:

"That is sweet. I feel pretty good about it. That is pretty awesome."

On whether or not he feels a lot of pressure to play well this weekend:

"There is no pressure on me. I feel when I am taking the ones (playing with the first team) it feels like I am taking along vacation and I am back home."

How tough has it been sitting on the bench?

"I was begin real patient and trying to keep my head up and keep working hard. It has been tough. I have been working and working. everything that has happened has made me better as a person and a better leader and developed more character.. I feel what I am doing right now that all the hard work is showing."

You seemed calm out there against Oregon.

"I was not nervous, it was a crazy time of the game. I was tentative. It was not going out here and playing. It was my first time. I was a little too careful got more comfortable as the game was going and I started throwing."

What was it like taking that first snap so close to your own endzone?

"That was insane. It was so loud. There was no time to be nervous because you had to yell out what the play was from a guy a foot away from you who could barely hear you."

You were getting looked at by a lot of good schools, what made you choose Arizona over Tennessee?

"When I first came here I felt Arizona was a good school and closer to home, and it was pac-10. Is had a list of things I was looking for in a school and Arizona met most of them, and then I felt Mackovic knew a lot about quarterbacks so Is could learn a lot from him. I felt football would take care of itself."

"Is wanted to go to a program that was starting to turn around instead of going in somewhere that was already established."

What was on your list?

"Location, my family getting to games, a good business school. Would I have a future at the school, connections to San Diego."

What do you bring to the field?

"I play with trust in my players and have fun. I feel like if you prepare yourself and go out there and have fun you could go it and have fun."

Did your parents get to see the game?

"It was the first game they were not at. They were at my dad's business and up in the office, looking it up on the Internet, looking up the stats."

"They were excited and having a great time. My dad owns a bar. They would go down stairs and say Richard just threw a touchdown pass, a guy bought a round. it was cool. they were having a good time."

Some have said that you are a better game player than a practice player, is that a fair statement?

"When I go about practice it is trying to get better and improve, make yourself better. Each rep you are trying to figure things out. when you go out in the games you just play, there is a big difference. you are not trying to figure out the concept s of every play, you are just going out and play. I think that is when I do my best."

After spring ball you were the highest rated passer, was it tough not being high on the depth chart?

"I was frustrated. I kept on going day by day and try to get better. I had several heart to hearts with my dad and Coach Van Rapphorst. I talked to him a lot."

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