Kirk Walters Q&A and Bio

Last year Kirk Walters was supposed to redshirt, but a lack of big men pressed the true freshman into service. The plan was then to redshirt him this year, but that may change. There are plenty of bodies down low, but Walters is so improved he may force the Wildcat coaches to play him

What are your thoughts on the upcoming season?

"I'm just looking for the season to go on. Last year it was my first season, so there were some jitters there. This year we have big plans. We've got a lot more people this year, a lot more people to move around."

Your're about 25 pounds heavier than you were last year?

"About that, about that yeah."

Do you feel good at that weight? Are you more confident?

"I guess it is something that you don't really notice until you look back and you think of making the same move last year. I guess being stronger just helps you out with keeping your feet planted and moving faster."

What did you do over the summer? Did you go home?

"I was at home. In the morning I would usually go running. I'd go back to my high school and shoot around. My old high school coach was usually there. He helped rebound and pass to me. Then I'd lift after that."

What is your role going to be this season? I had heard they may redshirt you, but now they are not so sure. Any word?

"The possibility is still there for a redshirt. If I do redshirt I trust the coaches that they know what is the best for me. Then if I don't, I'm ready to play. It's a good situation, there are benefits to each situation."

The team has five big men. How is the competition with all of the bodies?

"It's been a lot better. You always have someone rotating in and you always have someone to go up against. It's been good."

What has been the biggest growth in your game since you got here?

"It is hard to say. I guess, just my endurance. We are a running team and I think that has helped me in practice. Just getting up and down and to continue playing. I think that is one thing he showed me, just to keep on moving."

Is the team dwelling on last year's early exit from the NCAA Tournament?

"I think the thought is still there but it's that much more motivation to go into this year and to just play hard and play to our potential this year. It is just that much more motivation."

What are your early impressions of the freshmen?

"Jawann is a good guy. He's a funny guy. He's a great shooter and he's good to the hole. He's strong to the hole and uses his body well. Daniel is a good passer. He's a raw point guard. Jesus is really quick and cuts to the hole good. He has some midrange finishing moves. Mohamed is just a tough, tough brute force kind of guy. They each have different characteristics to each other."


Bio: Walters was a surprise recruit for the Wildcats. He was a relative unknown when Lute Olson saw him play. The Wildcats were scouting another player, but fell in love with Walters. He was supposed to come in and redshirt, but was pressed into duty a year ago when there was a lack of big men. Walters is still very thin, but he's added nearly 30 pounds of muscle since he stepped onto campus a year ago.

Type of player: Walters is a similar player to current Cat Channing Frye. He's very athletic, has a soft shooting touch and is improving the other facets of his game. He needs to get stronger and become a better defender. He looks like he will be a nice shot blocker before it is all said and done.

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