California JC WR to visit

During his senior year, at Venice High School in Los Angeles, <b>B.J. Vickers</b> was one of the top wide receiver prospects in the country. The Santa Monica Community College wide receiver is going through the recruiting process again and has set his first two official visits.

"I have set up two visits. One with Alabama on November 20, and the other with California, B.J. Vickers.

There are a few reasons why Vickers is coming from the west coast to visit the Tide.

"It will be a different experience. I have heard about the tradition at Alabama. I just want to get out and see what it is all about."

For now, a few schools seem to have an advantage to land Vickers.

"I don't really have a favorite. I like Cal because they pass the ball a lot and I know Arizona needs some wide receivers. I have not been able to check out anywhere else yet," said Vickers.

Though Alabama seems to be a long shot to land this talented receiver from the west coast, Vickers does not object to leaving the state.

"I would have no problem leaving the west coast, at all. Actually, I think it might be better for me to get out of here."

Vickers also would like to be on the same field with former teammate, Jim Miller.

"It would be kind of good for us to play together since we were teammates in high school. I am not going to base my decision on that though. It would be nice if that happened."

"Florida State talked to a few of my coaches and asked about me, and Coach Fulmer at Tennessee asked about me. I always grew up watching those teams. I might take a look at them," added Vickers.

Several coaches are in staying close contact with Vickers.

"I talk to Coach Connelly (Alabama), Coach Blake (Nebraska), Coach Gould (California), and Coach Tuiasosopo (Arizona). Those are the main coaches I talk to every week. Wait, Coach Connelly is calling me right now."

Santa Monica is on a win streak and hopes to get back to an even record.

"The season is going okay. We are 3-4, but we have won our last two games. We play at Southwest this Saturday at 1:00. I think they have the same record as ours. I am having a pretty good year. I have around 30 catches with six touchdowns. I am not sure the number of yards," said Vickers.

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