Game Talk: Oregon State 28, Arizona 14

Cat Tracks caught up with players and coaches from both teams to get their thoughts after the game. Here is what they had to say.

Coach Mike Stoops

"Throughout the second half, we looked like a complete football team except for a few turnovers. We beat ourselves in a lot of areas; penalties, dropping balls, and turnovers. We seem to be our own worst enemy. I am happy with the fight we showed. I liked the way we came out. I was disappointed with the way the receivers played. The passing game hurts this team. It's frustrating to see how the passing game disintegrated like it has. It was good to see Biren Ealy have his best game. He had been in the doghouse for a while but he came back and stepped up his game. I thought the defense played well all day. We had some good calls. The guys up front controlled the line of scrimmage. Overall, there were a lot of good plays on defense.

On the use of Oregon State's tight end

"Their tight end delay is a tough play, especially against us. We're not a man defense, and they don't send the tight end all the time. It has been a big part of their offense for the last three weeks, and it hurt us tonight. They (Oregon State) made great plays, and I have no problem with that. But we aren't going to change the way we play."

On the play of Richard Kovalcheck

"He threw the ball well tonight. We have to continually have guys step up and help him, though. I like a lot of what he's doing. He is showing some great toughness. We just need to speed up his mechanics."

On how frustrating it is to be where they are

"We just have to continually work. It is not the schemes, it is the execution. You know, we have Mike Bell up the sideline with no one within 20 yards of him. We get a rush up the middle and our guy lets go of the defender and Kovalcheck gets hit as he is throwing and under-throws it. The kids have to gain more confidence, grow up and mature. We have a lot of players out there who are tough, but they aren't making the plays. We need to get all 11 guys on the same play. It takes time to get better."

On the health of Sheldon Watts

"He is getting back to healthy. We are all very happy because it looks like he'll make a full recovery."

On the status of Syndric Steptoe

"His back is bothering him so he was banged up and couldn't play."

On what to tell his team

"I told our guys that there is no place I'd rather be. I have been on the other side of the fence from where we are right now. We haven't lost to a team this year with a losing record, until today."

Safety Lamon Means

"Ultimately, it was a tough game for us. We need to work harder next time out. We played well in the second half, but not well enough to get us the victory."

Tight End Steve Fleming

"We had a lot of opportunities. We just didn't come out to play in the first half. Overall, we played a little bit better in the second half. We didn't come up with enough and ended up with a tough loss."

On the Washington game next week

"We are going to be ready next week. We know we are better than Washington. Our records may be similar but we know we are the better team."

Junior running back Mike Bell

"We need to play together as a team. There are a lot of things going on with the team. Once we fix them we will be a better team."

On the Washington game next week

"Next week is a big game. We need to stay out of last place. We need a win. A win is a win and we need to stay positive going ton next week."

On the penalties

"The penalties are killing us. The inconsistencies are killing us. We'll come out hard in some quarters and not in others. We need to fix that and put all the pieces of the puzzle together."

Fullback Pedro Limon

"Every game it seems some aspect improves but we still have more to improve on."

On the play of his quarterback

"Rich played great. It surprised me how well he played. He came in and did a great job of getting us back in the game."

On if they have improved from last year

"This year from last year has been a 180. It is totally different. Last year we could already be wanting to take a break, but this year we feel like we can play with everyone and we want to play the Cal's, Oregon State's, and USC's."

Safety Darrell Brooks

"It has been the same thing all year. Once we get comfortable and just start playing we make the plays. We just come out thinking too much and not executing."

On the pressure scheme they were using

"That was the scheme we had. We wanted to attack them and put pressure on them, but they audible away from me all day."

On the play of Oregon State Quarterback, Derek Anderson

"He's one of the top quarterbacks in the Pac 10. We knew what to expect and they tested us deep. We were prepared as well as we could have been, but we didn't execute."

Linebacker Kirk Johnson

"We told each other to dig in and stay positive. We continued to play with a lot of energy and just keep fighting."

On his crushing hit at the goal line

"I just had a feeling he was going to jump. I jumped and he jumped and that was it. It was a play I had to make."

On the Washington game next week

"We need a win badly. We need to show the fans we are for real. The coaches are instilling a system and we are building a family situation. You have to go out there and play for the guy next to you and come together."

Quarterback Richard Kovalcheck

"I felt much more comfortable. It was really rough early on, but as the game wore on I got a lot of confidence."

On his play in the first half

"Early on, I wasn't following through and I was getting hit a lot and the ball was sailing. Later on, I got more confidence in my receivers and line and we started to make plays."

On the play of Biren Ealy

"Biren has really stepped up and became the leader in our receiving corps. He game me a lot of confidence. With Step (Steptoe) out, he really stepped up."

Oregon State Head Coach Mike Riley

"It's tremendous that Derek (Anderson) broke the record. It's certainly fitting for the work he has done this year. He did a good job in the first half, but it wasn't all a picture-perfect game. We are pushing toward the end of the season and this will add to the production of the team."

On his team's play

"We started out alright. We made enough plays to get the job done. In the fourth quarter, we tried to run down the clock."

On the play of Arizona

"I was impressed with Arizona's ability to fight and stay in the game. I was a little worried about their blitz and what it might do, but we will talk about that tomorrow and enjoy the win now. We are excited about winning on the road and that we are back to a .500 season. Bring on USC!"

Defensive End Bill Swancut

"In the second half, they started to get something going on offense and started to gain some yards. In the first half, we played pretty solid. Through the second half, we made stupid penalties and stupid mistakes that cost us points."

On getting a road win

"We picked up another big Pac Ten win, especially one on the road. Defensively, we had to get better or things wouldn't have gone the way we would have liked them to."

Safety Sabby Piscitelli

"Turnovers were big for us. You have the momentum after a turnover and know we have the offense behind us. It was good to have the bye week We looked at it as a new season and we want to go undefeated . Next week (against USC) will be a big game. We just need to come out and play hard. USC will be a great opponent. We need to have our best week of practice next week."

Cornerback Aric Williams

"We just have to take it like we can. We did miss a lot of plays. Having a lead helps. It doesn't put us with our backs against the wall. We need to take it as a six-game season and can't look back. Next week will be fun. I know a lot of the ‘SC players. I talk to Leinart on the phone and tell him I need him to throw a pick."

Tight End Joe Newton

"I can't say enough good stuff about Derek Anderson. He takes a lot of heat, so I am glad he could do something today. We need to have a good week in practice. We'll look at the film and see what we can improve on."

Quarterback Derek Anderson

"Defense helped out. It was a great opportunity tonight. We got the win. I felt this place was going to blow up. Then they got two late scores. We could run the ball better and take some more time off the clock. Then we didn't throw much the second half."

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