Keefe Set With Final Five Schools

It's only the beginning of his junior season, but already James Keefe has decided that he's inviting just five schools into his recruiting process. Having made the initial cut, the Blue Devils will now battle it out for the services of the high major big forward.

"While it was a honor to be recognized as a top player, the overwhelming amount of mail and the requests from coaches wanting me to call them made me realize that I had to trim my list," says 6-foot-8 205 pound California power forward James Keefe. "I picked five schools because I thought I could select at least one from the list."

"I also felt that if I didn't intend to go to a school, at this time, I should have the courtesy to let the coach know so he could spend his time and money recruiting a player that really wanted to go to that school."

The "Fab Five" to make the cut are Duke, Stanford, UCLA, Arizona, and Notre Dame. At this point there is no favorite among that group, but each has a lot to offer according to Keefe.

"Stanford, Duke, UCLA, and Notre Dame are considered some of the best academic institutions in the country. Duke and Arizona have top basketball programs as well."

During the summer evaluation term, Keefe was described by's analysts in the following terms:

"Great frame, very good hands and feet and extremely active. Excellent rebounder. Very nice-looking shot to about twenty feet. He's obviously been well-coached at Santa Margarita."

"Currently I play the 3, 4, and 5 spot in high school depending on the line up. I will predominately play the four in high school. When I played on the Nike California Elite team this spring and summer I played the four. Most coaches are telling me that they want me to play the three or four in college."

Thought it's early in the process, Keefe says he's looking forward to taking his official visits when time permits, but hasn't scheduled any of his five allotted trips at this point.

One trip he's looking forward to is traveling to Durham and learning more about Duke when that time comes, as Keefe has been identified as one of the Blue Devils' top five targets in the class of 2006.

"I have followed Duke since I was young. Duke has a fantastic academic program and their basketball program speaks for itself. I'm looking forward to meeting the coaches and getting to know more about the program."

CAT TRACKS' ANALYSIS: Keefe is right there at the top of the Wildcats' wish list. There are two obstacles the Cats must overcome. The first is the perception of the other schools on his list being better academically. The second is the fact that while he loves the University, he was less than thrilled with the city of Tucson.

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