Game talk: Olson not happy with officiating

The Ducks have swept the Cats and are now a legitimate contender for the Pac-10 title . Arizona clearly misses the presence of Luke Walton. Here are some notes and quotes from the Cats 90-80 loss to Oregon.

Oregon coach Ernie Kent was unabashed in his desire to see the Ducks get some national attention:

"It does matter to us, it is something we strive for. Coming in here we were ranked 29th and hopefully beating a ranked team on their home court in a revenge game will get us in the top 25."

Kent felt that the closeness of the games were a benefit for his team:

"It helped us. It allowed us to lock in even more. We could focus on Arizona. We had Morris Brown in there, but we could work on Arizona State. We could work on Arizona. It helped us to come in here and play them right away."

Lute Olson had nothing but praise for Kent's club:

"It's pretty obvious, they are a very good basketball team. They have four or five guys on the perimeter that can shoot and handle the ball. They're just better than we are.

"I like the fact that our guys battled hard. Even without Luke (Walton) out. I don't know what difference it would have made. Right now they are better than we are."

Missing Luke Walton was a key to Olson:

"I don't think any of the three juniors can have a sub-par game and still have us win. Ricky (Anderson) got in foul trouble and it was Jason (Gardner) and four freshmen. We can't have Ricky in foul trouble. We bought some time with the freshmen."

Olson was also displeased with the oficiating, he pointed out two specific missed calls where on successive plays Wildcat players were shoved. One was during a shot, the player missed the shot and Oregon got the rebound. On the ensuing possession, Dennis Latimore went up for a rebound was shoved with two hands and Oregon was able to convert.

"Those are calls that any officials should be able to see and make," said Olson. "Anatomically it is impossible to jump straight up and then fly to the side. Helicopters can do it, but not humans.

"Basic calls that have got to be made were not made. You saw the replay board."

Olson did not blame the loss on the officiating:

"We could have played the best game we ever played and still not beat them." 

Jason Gardner:

"They are a good team. They move the ball a lot, they work well in the offensive end."

"We took a lot of quick shots and they got a lot of rebounds. You can't do that against a team like that."

Will Bynum:

"They (Oregon) brought their "A" game both times we played them."

"The coaches stayed on me, telling me what I need to do. Now I'm feeling comfortable."

Luke Ridnour:

"In the beginning of the game, we were able to execute well and hit our shots early. That set a tone for the game, and we took control and did not let them back in it."

Luke Jackson:

"This team needed to prove it could win on the road. We have won at hiome, but struggled on the road, so this was very important for us to come out like we did and set the tone early in the game."

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