Game Log: Arizona/Team Georgia

In an effort to bring more of the Wildcat basketball game I kept a running game log. Here are just a few of the things I noticed in Arizona's win over Team Georgia.

4:23 Before tip off
Crowd actually starting to pour in. Obviously they will be late arriving. Team Georgia on the court when the Van Halen/Wells Fargo intro music starts. Although it is a blatant rip-off of the Sun's and other NBA nitrous, it is not too bad. I still get a kick out of seeing the old clips. At least they use Van Halen and not the Allen Parson's Project like half of the NBA.

1:25 Before tip off
Cats hit the floor with their new gray warm up shirts. The fashion critic in me likes the look of them, but shouldn't they be red or blue? Never the less, they will probably be on my Holiday Gift list.

0:00 Before the tip
A quick perusal of the Team Georgia Roster shows that they have players from basketball powers like Cuyahoga College, Tougaloo College, Salem University, Olivet Nazarene University, Wartburg College and something called Tri Cities.

What is Tougaloo? Wasn't it a breakdancing movie? And what is Tri Cities? Is it a college? A JUCO? It sounds like a CBA club or the Single A affiliate of the Milwaukee Brewers.

In a surprising move Jawann McClellan and Jesus Verdejo get the start over Salim Stoudamire and Hassan Adams. When Verdejo is announced a woman behind me yells "Ay-yay-yay-yay". She did that all night long for a variety of players. And yes, it was very annoying.

19:35 left in the first
6-9 Eddie Elisma nails a three. Elisma is a large man, built like a house. Guys that large aren't supposed to drain the three, much less take it. I seem to remember him being kind of good at GT years back.

19:29 left in the first
Fan in front tow is already on the officials. He was complaining about an illegal pick or something. It was amazing. Seconds into an exhibition game and he was riding the officials for a phantom call.

18:15 left in the first
Frye has all of the Wildcats four points. I am officially proclaiming a monster season for Mr. Frye.

17:24 left in the first
Frye is on the floor chasing a loose ball. I'm not sure if I should praise the hustle or wonder what the hell he is doing on the floor against Team Georgia.

17:11 left in the first
Brian Thompson misses a free throw and the band gives us our first "nice shot buddy" of the year. Yay.

16:50 left in the first
Ivan Radenovic makes a nifty hook shot. Not a big deal, but the Spanish announce crew is next to me and I really like hearing Francisco Romero say "Ivan Radenovic". A minute later he scores again. Buy your stock in I-Rad now because it is about to go up. Before the second Radenovic score Frye dunked home a lob pass from Shakur I have a feeling we'll see that a few more times this season.

14:51 left in the first
Jawann McClellan just stuffed a Team Georgia lay-up off the glass. The kid is definitely athletic. Stoudamire just came off the bench and drained his first three-point attempt. So much for him not reacting well to starting the game on the bench.

13:05 left in the first
Bret Brielmaier just entered the game.

Take a moment to let that soak in.

I assume that means they will be redshirting Kirk Walters. As long as it took me to write this the walk-on grabbed a rebound.

11:47 left in the first
Brett Brielmaier just scored. I am surprised as well.

11:24 left in the first
I'll take the Wildcats to win the game, but I'd take Team Georgia in a fight. They obviously have not let their gym memberships lapse. I'd also peg the average age at 32.

10:06 left in the first
By the way, Brielmaier is the only player on the floor without a visible tattoo. He just kept the ball alive as I typed this.

7:15 left in the first
Frye and Radenovic have already combined for 20 points and ten rebounds. I have actually re-typed that last sentence tree times because of rebounds or scores by Frye. Did I mention he'll have a monster year.

5:54 left in the first
Rad picks up a fouls for swinging his elbows after a rebound. Never mind three Georgia players were surrounding him and reaching in. The fact that they missed the rim on two consecutive shots should be

5:33 left in the first
Daniel Dillon enters the game. I guess that means he will not redshirt. He just got scored on by McCullough, his first basket. Up until now only three Team Georgia players had scored. I guess McCullough did not get the memo that the other three were the only ones who were going to score.

4:34 left in the first
Hassan Adams throws down a slam with authority. The throwdown was so hard that the net was up through the bottom of the rim. My guess is that you'll see that one on the news tonight.

3:52 left in the first
Brielmaier is at center and the Cats' next biggest player is 6-4 Hassan Adams 3:49 left in the first
Apparently the officials did not know you get two fouls shots after a team picks up 10 team fouls. Since fellow Cat Tracks' staffer Matt Messina said "they aren't impressing me" the cats have extended their 8-point lead to 20. 1:43 left in the first
We have a Matt Brase sighting.

0:55 left in the first
Brase scored in the first half.

0:44.2 left in the first
The Cats have a front line of Brase and BB in the first half. Don't expect that to happen again this year.

16:58 left in second half

There is no doubt that the offense runs so much better with Mustafa Shakur in the line-up. BTW the Cats just opened the second half with a 10-2 run.

16:08 left in second half

Anthony Stanford has scored all eight of Team Georgia's second half points. Did he just get here? I don't think they called his name in the first half. Did he miss his ride? Did he sleep in? Did someone give him the wrong game time? I think we need answers.

15:49 left in second half

The Team Georgia coach looks like a cross between Ving Rames and Nolan Richardson. A baby just won Subway's Ultimate fan of the game. I'm talking about a six month old infant. I'm no child-rearing expert, but I don't think he's old enough to eat a sandwich. Even a Subway sandwich with yummy, soft, delicious, fresh baked bread. (Subway can make their checks out to Brad Allis, A-L-L-I-S)

13:36 left in second half

Stanford just scored five-in-a-row. Seriously, where was this guy in the first half? He has scored 13 points in 7:16 but was nowhere to be found in the first half. I honestly don't think he was in the building.

11:04 left in second half

Stoudamire just went coast to coast. The Spanish announce team just said he went "costa costa" I think all announcers should adopt this phrase. It sounds more dramatic in Spanish.

11:31 left in second half

Stoudamire just threw a baseball pass that had so much zing on it that he fell over.

10:04 left in second half

Stanford scored again. Maybe he was kidnapped and escaped in time for the second half, it could have been like Dan Marino in Ace Ventura or Keanu Reeves in the Replacements. Although Reeves was not kidnapped, merely released but mysteriously signed at half-time under a little know rule that states that a replacement player can be released when the starter crosses the picket line, but be resigned when said starter is an a-hole.

5:15 left in second half

Apparently someone turned on the "all fair-weather fans may leave" sign, because McKale is emptying out. I know it is a 26 point game, but Beau Muhlbach may play.

4:36 left in second half

Stoudamire got called for a bad foul. Not only did the replay show that it should have been a clean block, but the Team Georgia coach looked embarrassed after the call.

1:44 left in second half

Rodgers just put the Cats over the century mark with a sweet drive to the hoop. He used a jump step and got fouled in the process.

Post game

In the postgame press conference Salim says that he was willing to play center if the coach wants him to. Channing Frye thinks it is so funny that he turns to a reporter and says "that's a good quote, make sure you put that in there."

A few minutes later Lute Olson is asked about Matt Brase's stat line of seven points in five minutes and Lute cracked, "His mother's going to be on my back to play him more."

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