Stoops:"It is a huge challenge"

The Cats got their second win of the season, but now have to face USC. They go from playing the worst team in the Pac-10 to the best team in the nation. Wildcat coach Mike Stoops discussed the upcoming challenge against the Trojans.

On playing No. 1 USC:

"It is nothing we are going to be intimidated by. I have been at Oklahoma and played a lot of teams that didn't match up well but played well. That is all you can do. It is a huge challenge but we will know more where we need to improve.

"We have to continue to work some things offensively that will give us better results. We are just not a very productive football team offensively at this point. There are various reasons play to play. We had too many break downs and we go through the games. Until we become more responsible group and a group that plays as a whole we will struggle. We don't play well as a group. There are maybe 8 or 9 guys who play well and then we have 1 or 2 breakdowns. We need to make some progress and disappointed we have not made more throughout the season. That is how it is.

"It was just one win but we are obvious excited and happy we were able to go on the road and able to overcome some bad things and pull it off. We played hard I just don't know if we play smart all the time. We have to continue to strive to play a lot smarter."

On Reggie Bush and stopping him on special teams:

"Everybody needs to put your best people on there to give you the best chance to cover. He is very talented player and we have to look at making sure we dot' give him too many balls to return. Anytime he touches the ball he is a threat to go the distance. He is mutli-talented at what he does."

On Matt Leinart:

"Matt is very composed and talented. He does not force anything. They don't' force anything. They are very patient, they set up things well. They will work you and have good players across the board. They can run it and throw it, and they like to control the tempo. They are very patient and their execution what they do and they are not going threaten down the field all the time. They are going to pick and choose their spots and then set up the big play and catch you sleeping. They are very methodical in who they try to attack you."

Stoops was then asked if he felt the Cats have to play a perfect game to beat USC:

"Our players have played against them, they understand the are a very talented football team. We have to go out and do what we do. We understand the challenge, they are great athletes. It is not something we won't be prepared to do. Yeah, we have to play close to flawless football and get some breaks, we understand that."

On USC's defensive line:

"That I the greatest challenge always. The line of scrimmage is when you see the difference in a lot of people. They have one of the perimeter defensive lines in all of college football. It makes it very disruptive anytime you have a defensive line as deep and as fast as they are. They are very disruptive of what they do."

On Carlos Williams:

" Carlos has done a great job, has really gotten better as the year went on. Carlos is a talented player, a big body who has done some awfully good things for us. He has shown durability and his ability to play has been fantastic. He has shown toughness as we have gone on throughout the year."

"He takes a lot of snaps in there and gets hit every time. That is a tough responsibility. Carlos has handled it well and is just becoming the player he is capable of becoming. It is a shame we would like to have him another year. I think he could be a dominating player."

"He has gotten stronger and his endurance and stamina our better. Tall those things add up to playing better."

On B.J. Dennard's role in the offense:

" He will continue to get more snaps offensively. I was hoping to use him more. It is hard picking up an offensive system in a week's period of time. We are going to work him more and he will be a bigger part of our offense this week. We have to get our best athletes on the field."

"On if he has added motivation to help his brother at Oklahoma by knocking off the top ranked Trojans:

"I would love to help him out if we could borrow a couple of his players this week."

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