Class of 2005 Scouting Report: J.P. Prince

The Cats have a reputation as "Point Guard U." The latest in that long line of taleted floor generals is J.P. Prince. Prince also continues the trend of point guards coming from parts of the country (and world) that the teams has not normally recruited. In this case the Cats pull their first player out of the state of Tennessee.

J.P. Prince
6-6, 190, PG
White Station HS
Memphis, TN
4-Stars, No. 4 PG, No. 27 overall

Prince is a pure, pass first point guard who just happens to be 6-6. He's long and lean. He's very athletic and is most effective when passing or slashing. Smooth, long bodied and poised. He'll break presses and dish the rock. He has a big time hoops IQ and really sees the floor.

Prince is one of the better passing point guards in the entire class. He seems to love getting his teammates involved. Many of the players who played with him over the summer raved about his pass first attitude. He sees the floor extremely well and usually finds the open man.

His size is amazing. There aren't many 6-6 true point guards out there. Not only will he give defenders fits with his size, but he can also be a terror on defense. He moves so well for a player his size.

Prince is a real student of the game. He does a lot of the little things well. He takes a lot of charges on defense and has a great feel for what is happening around him.

He has a great lineage. His father was a long-time college basketball coach and his cousin is Detroit Pistons' standout Tayshaun Prince.

He needs to become a more consistent shooter. He is not a real threat from the outside at this point. He also needs to mix up his offensive repertoire. Some people who saw him over the summer were concerned that he didn't mix things up enough.

He will also need to add some weight as he is on the thin side.

" There might not be five other guys in the country who are better teammates, and have a better feel and understanding of the game. J.P.'s not a big scorer. He's not a great shooter. But he's going to be an excellent leader at the high-major level."
--Dave Telep, national recruiting analyst

2005 ROLE:
If Mustafa Shakur stays, then Prince will find himself in a battle with Daniel Dillon for the back-up point guard spot. If Shakur leaves for the NBA, then Prince will have a chance to be the third straight true freshman to start at point guard for the Wildcats.

REMINDS US OF: His game is very similar to that of Penny Hardaway in high school and current NBA rookie Shaun Livingston.

CHOSE ARIZONA OVER: Vanderbilt, Memphis, NC State and Florida.

J.P. SAYS: "I love the way they get up and down the floor and score a lot. They always have great athletes on the wing. Plus they have a great tradition of point guards."

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