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Ricky Anderson said that his jaw dropped when he saw that walk-on Anas Fellah was running the point for Arizona...Lute Olson said Jason Gardner played as well "as you're ever going to see"...and Arizona overcame the largest deficit ever under Olson to beat Oregon State 93-87...


Lute Olson-
On the crowd's importance to the comeback:
"There is no question that we could not have come back like that without our defense and the energy from the crowd. That was an unbelievable comeback. We caused some turnovers in the second half and the crowd was a tremendous key for us."

On Jason Gardner's stamina:
"He's in amazing condition. We take him out to give him a breather and he's not even breathing hard. He's got a motor in him.

On the second half comeback:
"We did a great job defensively in the second half and on not letting them into areas where they could shoot the ball effectively. We did a much better job of containing their penetration also."

Jason Gardner-
On the importance of finishing off the comeback:
"It was really huge for us. It was a game that gets teams going. After losing to Oregon this was a big game for us. We need to start getting it together and we can't have a good first half and a bad second half or a bad first half and a good second half. We need to play a full game."

Channing Frye-
On playing in the game:
"I've never been in a game like this in college. I don't think we could do that to a lot of teams."

On the crowd:
"We have to thank the crowd for getting louder and keeping us in the game. We would get down and they would get louder. One time we need to get up big early and let them get loud."

*Oregon State's hot shooting may have been the main reason behind this stat but for the entire game the Beavers had only two offenive rebounds--one in each half.

*Jason Gardner scored 14 points in the final four minutes of the game further establishing himself as one of Arizona's all-time clutch performers.

*Will Bynum was plagued by foul trouble throughout the game and at halftime it looked like he was going to have another "off" night shooting the ball as he was 0-4 in 10 first half minutes. However, Bynum was a key to the comeback victory as he scored 10 points in only 13 minutes in the second half while making five of his eight second half shots. He made four 18-footers and a nice driving lefthanded layup that gave Arizona its first lead (73-72) since beginning the game with a 1-0 lead.

*Philip Ricci, Brian Jackson and Jimmie Haywood were all heavily recruited by Arizona and played like they had something to prove to the Wildcats during the game. The trio combined for 55 points, 11 rebounds, seven assists and shot an incredible 21-30 (68%) for the game (7-9 on threes).

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