Game Talk: Arizona over Wright State

The Wildcat offense was dominant against Wright State as Arizona shot 55.9% to defeat the Raiders 83-66. Salim Stoudamire led all scorers with 24 points and four Wildcats finished with double figures. The Wildcats will face Michigan in the NIT semi-final game in New York on Wednesday.

Lute Olson on the victory:

"We were a little too quick inside and on defense for them to handle. But it always helps when Salim shoots the ball like he did."

"In the first half we moved the ball well. We had 14 assists out of 17 baskets. It's great to see that we're sharing the ball."

"What we were hoping is we would get a chance to go to New York. We'll be playing better teams with better, bigger, more physical guys. We've (had) a couple of work-up games we'll be able to learn something from."

On Jawann McClellan:

"I'm very happy with McClellan. You see why we're so excited about him now that he's defending. He's on the offensive board all the time."

On Chris Rodgers' six assists in the first half:

"He did a nice job, and it's a good thing to see because he's so used to scoring from high school that it's hard to get him aware of the openings. He's a great passer."

On Salim Stoudamire:

"It's important for him to have this kind of shooting game." His shot is so pure. I told him the only way his shot is going to be messed up is if he thinks about it too much."

"He did a great job defensively. The first half with Salim on him (Wood), he had a hard time getting anything."

On Isaiah Fox:

"He has that knack for getting boards. It's like getting around a house once he's set (inside)…he has been consistently our best rebounder."

Chris Rodgers

On the upcoming road trip:

"We need to come together and focus on executing our offense and playing tough on defense."

"We need to be able to play for a solid 40 minutes. It will be a good test of our toughness on the road."

On the team's offense:

"I thought that the whole team did a good job. We just did a good job of hitting the open guy. Salim had some great shots tonight."

Isaiah Fox

on his return:

"It was real fun to get out there. The first half I felt a little out of place. I got tired early, but the adrenaline was pumping."

"I just have to get back in the game. The more I get back, the fewer dumb mistakes I will make."

"Physically I feel 100%, but in terms of feeling confident on the court I'm still at about 85%."

Salim Soutdamire

On his hot shooting (8-12 from the floor, 6-9 from three):

"I credit my teammates for finding me when I am open. When we get off and running, we can be a really tough team. I was just shooting the ball and it went in."

"A lot of players do not know hot to penetrate and kick the ball out, but Mustafa is great at that."

Jawann McClellan

on his minutes tonight:

"I didn't play that much in the first game, and I know I have to be ready whenever coach tells me to go in."

"We were at full press in the beginning of the first half. We have enough people to do it, but we need to keep the intensity for the full 40 (minutes), not just 20."

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