Game Log: Impressive First Half

We present the game log, written live from the baseline seats on press row. Exactly three feet in front of the trombone players in the UA pep band. This time I got an upfront and personal look at the Wright State Raiders of the Horizon Conference.

10:50 before the tip
Mr. Blackwell here, the Cats are debuting some new warm-ups. It is nice to see them in the cardinal and navy, but what's up with the hoods. They are red and blue, and button up old-school style but the collars extend into a hood. I can't really see this coming into play. Do Hassan Adams's ears get cold courtside? Maybe they are to give them a menacing look, you know executioner style. Hopefully the Cats can put on the hit and put them away early.

6:31 before the tip
The pommies are out of synch early. Hopefully they can get the rhythm back or it could be a long night.

5:15 before the tip
On of the ball boys can stroke it. He's kind of short, and has an awkward shot, but the Barkley-esque player can hit from the outside.

2:37 before the tip
Wait, the Cats come out and they have the grey warm-ups on. So much for the school colors and hoods. More fashion notes: Mohamed Tangara is wearing the longs J.T. socks and two ankle braces. Isaiah Fox is the lone player with the long pants and he, Adams, Shakur, Dillon and Rodgers are all wearing headbands.

0:00 before the tip
The band plays the national anthem. Thankfully we have no lawyers, grad students or wannabe opera singers. Personally I like the pep band playing the anthem and during timeouts. Leave the pre-recorded top-40 music for the NBA arenas.

More Mr. Blackwell, Wright State has green unis that look a lot like Michigan State's. They are clean and classy, but lack any originality. They have "WSU" on the side of the short, this cannot be a good thing. When was the last time any "WSU" beat Arizona?

19:50 in the first
Adams scores on a reverse lay-in. Good to see him on the board so early. He did not score until the second half against San Diego. Now we need to see him score from the outside.

19:10 in the first
Wright State just took 33 seconds off the shot clock. They will do that as long as possible.

17:41 in the first
Cats have just missed three shots from the paint, not a good sign. They were less then 50% from down low last game.

16:31 in the first
Salim just pulled up from 21 feet, his heels on the NIT sticker. Maybe if he was squarely inside the diamond shaped sticker he would have drained it. His shirt came untucked from his shorts and it may be actually be longer than his shorts.

15:51 in the first
It's bad enough that they are playing pre-taped music, but they are playing "Hey Mickey". Can we at least play a song from this decade? Even last decade?

15:27 in the first
Frye scores in transition. First he gets the block then he runs the floor and Shakur rewards him for the hustle. Frye gets the dunk and the foul. He's halfway to last game's total.

13:07 in the first
Isaiah Fox enters the game to a great ovation. Sadly he appears to be wearing leggings. I think he has jogger's tights on underneath his game shorts. Is this to help him with his knee and calf or another part of Lute Olson's punishment?

11:34 in the first
Upon closer inspection Fox is wearing two neoprene knee braces and two neoprene calf sleeves. It is an awkward look, but at least we know Lute is done punishing him.

9:57 in the first
Cats score on three straight trips, with Salim hitting threes on two of them. Looks like Salim is heating up, not a good sign for the Raiders. This team just does not lose when Salim is feeling it.

9:17 in the first
Make that three in a row by Salim. It is safe to say that he is on fire.

8:20 in the first
Frye's 18-footer gives him seven points, one more than he had two nights ago.

7:04 in the first
Jawann McClellan scores his first collegiate bucket. He connected on a nice runner in the lane. He was all alone thanks to a screen from Fox.

3:33 in the first
Salim has just hit his fifth straight three-pointer. No, that's five in a row.

3:03 in the first
DeShaun Wood, who scored 22 against Tulsa, just scored his first bucket. Salim Stoudamire, his primary defender, has 17.

2:59 in the first
Ivan Radenovic just ended two streaks for the Cats offense. His missed shot ended a streak of eleven straight made shots. Mohamed Tangara kept the play alive but Radenovic picked up a charge, ending a string of scoring on 11-of-12 possessions. The Cats went seven minutes without a miss.

Daniel Dillon and Jesus Verdejo make their Wildcat debuts.

2:58 in the first
Dillon makes the box score by picking up a foul on the in-bounds.

0:38.5 in the first
Zach Williams kind of puts a lot of arc on his free throws.

0:02.5 in the first
Daniel Dillon can get up. He leaped to get an offensive rebound and attempted to tip it in one handed. It looked more like a volleyball set than a shot attempt. All four freshmen have played, but only McClellan has scored.

3:21 left until the second half
Chris Rodgers had six assists in nine minutes of play. Even more impressive was that he was playing small forward and shooting guard, not point guard.

19:14 in the second half
Everett Spencer has missed two shots in less than a minute. He's about to get pulled.

18:47 in the second half
Stoudamire just hit his sixth straight three pointer. If this weren't a blowout that 37-point career high would be in jeopardy. My guess is that he doesn't get 10 more minutes of playing time.

18:05 in the second half
The Cats open with a 7-0 run. In that time Wright State has missed three shots, subbed two players and called a time-out.

16:16 in the second half
I feel like I should be making a "Wright State should be called Wrong State" joke about now. Out of courtesy to those reading I will avoid the obvious joke. You're welcome.

15:19 in the second half
Hassan Adams is called for a player control foul as he collides with Nate Burleson near the basket. Lute Olson quickly points out to the officials that Burleson was inside the half circle under the basket that is part of the new experimental rules in the N.I.T. According to the rule a payer stationed inside the half circle cannot draw a charge, only a no call. Lute is pissed, but they fail to show a replay here in the arena.

They were just playing "Ghost Busters" on the P.A. It was some weird, sped up version that is worse than "Hey Mickey" that was played in the first half.

12:52 in the second half
Wood is heating up. After scoring just two points in the first half, he has scored six points in the last 2:00. As I type this he has picked up a foul and drew a foul going to the rack. He makes one of two. The Raiders are on a 9-2 run and Wood has seven of those nine points.

9:46 in the second half
This is not good. The Raiders are now on a 16-4 run. the good news is that the Cats still lead by 20.

8:27 in the second half
Zackee Boyd has hit three straight three pointers. It is now a 22-6 run and the lead is down to 16. Strangely, the Cats are playing hard, but not well. Their timing is off and they are out of sync.

6:55 in the second half
Boyd just hit his fourth straight three. He has scored Wright State's last 12 points and has 22 for the game.

In case you care, Boyd's first name is pronounced "Zuh-key" not "Zacky". I assumed it was "Zacky" when I read it, but it is apparently "Zuh-key". That rhymes with sucky, although Boyd has not been sucky at all. Of course this whole train of thought is another story.

6:15 in the second half
Hello J-Mac. McClellan has scored two straight buckets. He scored inside and then had a steal and dunk. while typing he assisted Isaiah Fox. He found Fox alone underneath for an easy dunk.

4:12 in the second half
Chris Rodgers scores for the first time. It sure seems like he has scored more, but now that I think about it I am not sure how many shots he has taken. He only had one shot in the first half. He is playing hard on defense and is really giving up the ball on offense. No over-dribbling here.

3:12 in the second half
Olson starts to clear the bench. Here come Daniel Dillon, Jesus Verdejo and Mohamed Tangara. With a Mohamed and a Jesus can't they find a Buddha Jackson or a Krishna Jones somewhere? On another note, I think Tangara should be referred to as "Mo-Tang" as much as possible.

We are probably moments away from seeing either Brett Brielmaier or Matt Brase.

2:48 in the second half
Wood has quietly reached 16 points. He had two at the half.

2:31 in the second half
Vova Severovas is now in the game. no, that is not a Russian tennis player .In fact the dude has scored two buckets since coming in.

1:41 in the second half
Verdejo scores his first points on a pull-up jumper on the baseline.

54.8 in the second half
A put -back puts Isaiah Fox in double figures. Fox finishes with 10 points and eight rebounds. His stats are a bit more impressive than his actual performance, but it was a decent outing for the big man.

22.0 in the second half
Start the bus, Brase and Brielmaier are in. The game was over in the first half, but these guys are now Lute's victory cigar.

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