Game Log: No fun in Virginia

Usually I try to make this game log sort of humorous, but I fear this one may be lacking in the laughs department. First of all I watched the game from home. You miss a lot of things watching it on television. Secondly, and more importantly, the Cats got it handed to them and I tend to find things less funny when Arizona is getting beat.

19:10 left in the first
The fans sound into it early. They are loud and chanting. Not too many crowds like this in the Pac-10.

17:45 left in the first
UVA is running. Not sure this is what they want to do. Bob Elliott claims that the rims are "soft", but so far every miss is bouncing really high off the rim.

17:20 left in the first
Frye goes up for the dunk and has it blocked. He gets the ball back and slams it home with authority. They need Frye to be big in the early going. 14:48 left in the first
UVA is on an 9-0 run. The Cats have three straight turnovers and have looked very bad the past three possessions. Salim can't buy a bucket from the outside.

14:35 left in the first
Despite the run, Lute stays with the starters.

14:18 left in the first
Frye picks up the foul denying a pass. Not a good foul.

13;31 left in the first
Cats make their first three pointer. They are 1-5. They need to be better here. Can't win shooting 20% from behind the arc.

12:45 left in the first
Shakur has been taken out of his game. He is getting stripped and tied up. This is the best guard he has seen all season.

12:21 left in the first
Elton Brown gets called for a foul away from the ball. His second and not a good foul. 12:15 left in the first
McClellan starts to go up for the three, but holds the pivot and passes instead. How he didn't travel I do not know. McClellan was known for his outside shooting, bit for the season he has not taken a long shot. 11:30 left in the first
Now it is the Cats who are on a 7-0 run. It has been the defense and a series of Virginia mistakes that have sparked it. 10:27 left in the first
Apparently Virginia honored Lute's wife Christine was honored by the school because she is a grad. Not sure I like this, Lute consorting with the enemy and all. Maybe he should have asked Christine to stay home or at least stay in another hotel.

9:23 left in the first
Hassan takes a terrible shot, but is bailed out by a foul. He took a pass in the corner and out it up before he was really set. He only made one-of-two, but after that decision he should have not been rewarded at all.

8:28 left in the first
Cats are using a double high post. Trying to get the big bodies of UVA away from the hoop. Doesn't do much good as the Cats can't buy a bucket. They are 1-9 behind the arc and just missed two bunnies inside the paint. The Cats have missed a ton of easy shots all year.

7:26 left in the first
Cats are terrible outside. 1-11 or 1-12 right now. I mean this is Utah ‘98 bad. This is Oklahoma ‘88 bad.

7:10 left in the first
Adams finds Frye all alone under the bucket, but the senior blows an EASY lay-in. Frye has done this all year. He has missed easy shot after easy shot. He can't do that if the Cats hope to win. 5:20 left in the first
Two observations. First, have you noticed that Fox's video quality is lacking? Everything is murky. This is true of Fox Arizona and even the national NFL broadcast.

The second thing is that the numbers on the UA road uniforms are really tough to read. The red on blue is not easy. Jawann McClellan's No. 5 and Mustafa Shakur's No. 15 look almost the same. It makes it trickier since both are wearing white headbands in this one.

4:07 left in the first
UVA is on an 8-2 run. They are turning the ball over like crazy and doing dumb things. There is no flow to the offense. Shakur needs to get this team under control. They need to skip the three and work the interior game. 3:26 left in the first
Frye has an uncontested rebound slip through his hands and trickle out of bounds. Frye could be one of the better big men in the nation, but sure isn't showing it. He is not making simple plays.

2:18 left in the first
Cats just missed three tip-ins. They must be shooting less than 30%. They just show the graphic and the Cats are somehow shooting 35%, but most of that was Hassan Adams who just went to the bench for Verdejo.

1:15 left in the first
UVA is on a 14-2 run and the Cats look clueless. When they can work for an open shot they miss, but most of the time they just look out of sorts. They dribble into defenders, pass into trouble and just look bad. You hope Olson can make adjustments at the half.

NBA announced that Ron Artest is suspended for the year. He wanted time off to promote his rap album, well he'll get it. I hope that disc sells well because he'll need the profits to pay off a few of the lawsuits he'll be facing.

18:30 left in the second
Two possessions, two turnovers. The Cats literally look like they have no clue right now. I have never seen Mustafa Shakur look so lost. He just tried to go behind the back and had the ball ripped by a freshman. 17:45 left in the second
Shakur answers. He steals the ball midcourt and goes in for an uncontested dunk. They still trail 12. 17:25 left in the second
The crowd begins the "Let's go Wahoos" chant. I still don't know why UVA is both the Cavaliers and Wahoos.

16:21 left in the second
Just as Dave Sitton starts to tell us that the Cats have committed 14 turnovers, they commit number 15. Then Hassan Adams gets two straight steals and Salim Stoudamire nails two straight shots. A 14-point lead is now down to nine.

14:48 left in the second
After missing another easy put-back Frye finally completes a three-point play. He has to step up in this one.

13:34 left in the second
UVA just scored seven points in the last minute. You are reading that right 7-0 run in less than a minute. This looks like one of those pre-Christmas games. This is as bad as I have seen a Wildcat team play. 13:00 left in the second
Elton Brown gets an uncontested rebound and puts it in. It is the second time in two minutes that there are no UA players under the basket to contest missed shots.

12:15 left in the second
Somehow the Cats are down just 10. It was 16 a minute ago, but a 7-2 run has the Cats down 53-43.

10:59 left in the second
Cats' 19th turnover and second in as many trips. At this point they can't even make a routine pass. Stoudamire just passed the ball into the hands of his defender who feeds a man streaking to the hoop for a breakaway bucket.

10:30 left in the second
My wife and dog leave the room. She can't take it anymore. She is going to go watch the Atlanta Falcons, the defense on her fantasy football team play. The dog goes with her because I am yelling at the television and that seems to scare him.

9:31 left in the second
Cats are panicking. The Cats get a turnover, come down court and rush the three. They just did it again. Both times the Cats gave up easy baskets on the other end.

8:39 left in the second
Frye picks up an offensive foul. The wheels are coming off. Cats have 20 turnovers. Frankly, UVA should be up more.

7:40 left in the second
Cats are 4-20 for from behind the arc. Make it 4-21. Jawann McClellan just missed from the corner.

6:10 left in the second
It is not as if the Cavs are shooting lights out. This isn't one of those games where the opponent is forcing the issue. Arizona is just making so many bad mistakes and missing so many easy shots that UVA can't help but succeed.

4:20 left in the second
Adams misses a gimmie that would have cut it to nine. Virginia then races down for an uncontested bucket. The Cats had held UVA to just one field goal in over four minutes, but did little to cut into the lead.

3:16 left in the second
Cats back within nine and go to the press. They trap the UVA guard, but the Cavs get a timeout to retain possession. They have been within nine a few times this half, but have yet to cut it any lower.

2:47 left in the second
UVA runs the clock down and with three seconds left on shot clock he is able to drive the land and no one steps up to stop him. Stoudamire had the defense, but a screen took him out of the play and no one gave him any help.

2:23 left in the second
Shakur is called for an offensive foul. I think it is safe to say that this is his worst game as a Wildcat. He never looked comfortable and could not run the offense.

2:00 left in the second
Frye has a double-double and I am surprised. He'll finish with the best numbers on the team, but he sure did not look good. He missed a ton of easy shots and really was not a factor.

1:45 left in the second
Any last ditched hope of a Wildcat comeback is ended with a 6-0 run that will wind up being a 9-0 run.

1:37 left in the second
The fans begin the "overrated" chant. The Virginia fans are right.

1:22 left in the second
Now the fans are chanting "ACC, ACC". Well today a middle of the pack ACC team just knocked off the Pac-10's best team.

0:00 left in the second
This one is over. Sorry that this game log didn't have more humor in it but there was not much that was fun or funny about this one. The Cats got spanked by a team that will not finish in the top-five of the ACC. UVA is a bubble team at best and the crushed the Wildcats.

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