Inside the Numbers: +/- from UVA

It wasn't a very good game for the Wildcats. They lost by 18 and looked bad doing so. This wasn't a lot of lucky shooting by the Cavaliers, they flat out took it to the Cats. The numbers seem to indicate this as well. Using a +/- system similar to that used in hockey, we see that no player fared well.

(Note: +/- is calculated by subtracting the number of points scored while a player is on the floor from the number of points surrendered while a player is on the floor.)

The Wildcats used 17 different line-ups in the game. Not surprisingly, the starting line-up of Channing Frye, Ivan Radenovic, Hassan Adams, Salim Stoudamire and Mustafa Shakur was the most frequently used and the second most successful. Lute Olson went with the line-up five different times and the Wildcats actually outscored the Cavs by two with the five players on the court.

Statistically the best line-up used by Arizona was Frye, Adams, Stoudamire, Chris Rodgers and Isaiah Fox. These five outscored the Cavs by three. Three other line-ups actually finished at +2 as well.

Individually, the best player on the day was Ivan Radenovic who was "only" a –1. Of the other player to see any substantial playing time, only Jawann McClellan was in single digits. McClellan was a –5 in 12 minutes.

The worst stat for the Wildcats is that Mustafa Shakur finished at –11 overall. Entering the game he was second best on the team at a +33. Channing Frye was the team leader at +38 before the game and he finished at –15.

The totals are as follows (season totals in parenthesis):
Hassan Adams –11 (+5)
Daniel Dillon –3 (+5)
Isaiah Fox –11 (-15)
Channing Frye –15 (+23)
Jawann McClellan –5 (-10)
Ivan Radenovic –1 (+26)
Chris Rodgers -12 (-8)
Mustafa Shakur -11 (+22)
Salim Stoudamire –12 (+12)
Mohamed Tangara –2 (-11)
Matt Brase DNP (0)
Brett Brielmaier DNP (0)

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