Game Log: Where's the offense?

Tonight the game log is brought to you live from Wild Wings & Things. I have a prime seat in front of the big television. Ironically enough, the last time UA played Michigan I was watching from the wing place. Gearing up for the Cats and the Wolverines.

5:00 before the tip
Cats announce that Chris Rodgers will start in place of Salim Stoudamire. They mentioned that Salim has an ankle injury, but he may just be in the doghouse. Lute said that Salim neglected to tell anyone about the ankle.

2:00 before the tip
Stacey Dales-Shulman is the sideline reporter. She's no Alex Flanagan, but she is a huge upgrade from fellow ESPN sideline reporter Doris Burke who looks as if she hasn't figured out she isn't on radio.

19:35 in the first
Chris Rodgers shows quick hands and makes the steal, despite several players scrambling around on defense. They may need more plays like this.

18:58 in the first
Another easy miss by Channing Frye. He has missed at least half a dozen easy buckets this year.

18:05 in the first
Frye lets an easy pass bounce off his hands. I'm having Virginia flashbacks. It is almost like Frye dunks his hands in a tub of Crisco before he hit the floor. Some guys rub the bottom of their shoes on those sticky strips at the scorers table. Frye rubs a little pork fat on his hands before checking in.

17:05 in the first
The waitress, who has an Eastern European accent puts Schu's and my wings down in front of us. Boy this is a lot of food. Did we order too much?

16:20 in the first
The first "UofA" chant begins. Nice to hear that the Wildcats are representing in the Big Apple. Apparently there are more UA fans than Michigan fans in the Garden.

15:52 in the first
Michigan, the team that can't shoot the three, has scored all nine points off the three. They are 3-3 from behind the arc.

15:22 in the first
The announcer Dave O'Brien just said that Jesus Verdejo replaced Graham Brown the Michigan center. In case you are not sure, Jesus Verdejo neither plays for Michigan nor does he play center.

15:04 in the first
Frye misses another gimmie. This is really starting to worry me. Frye is not coming to play this year. He should be one of the better big men in the nation and right now he looks average at best.

14:47 in the first
The spicy BBQ wings get a slight nod over the Teriyaki and the Jamaican Jerk wings.

14: 25 in the first
Arizona goes into the 3-2 zone. Thankfully they are not in the 1-3-1. Lute is using a zone he doesn't normally use. When he does use a traditional zone he usually employs a 2-3. This is an interesting move.

12:42 in the first
Salim puts up an air ball right after a defensive lapse. Is it time to worry?

10:07 in the first
The Cats are just 4-20 from the floor, yet they trail by only four. Is this a good thing? I half expect them to grab the lead any time, but the other half expects the worst. This team just does not inspire confidence.

9:52 in the first
The Cats have the in-bounds pass stolen. This is something they usually do.

9:26 in the first
Another steal by Michigan. I am starting to have Virginia flashbacks.

7:53 in the first
Thank God for Ivan Radenovic. He has seven of the Wildcats' 16 points. Of course the 12+ minutes have transpired and the Cats have just 16 points. I am not pushing the panic button yet, but I don't feel good about what I am seeing. The good news is that Michigan is a bad offensive team.

6:15 in the first
Seriously, when did Arizona become a bad offensive team? Even last year's selfish team led the nation in scoring. Wasn't scoring points the one thing we knew this team could do? They aren't moving without the ball and can't hit anything. Was Andre Iguodala that important to the flow?

4:17 in the first
Ivan can't buy a call. He was hammered twice underneath the basket and was just knocked down on the three-point attempt. I am really counting my lucky stars that Michigan is a horrid offensive team because this one could be ugly if the Wolverines could actually score.

4:00 in the first
Salim hit a three. The Cats are 8-20 from the field and are down only two. How is this possible?

1:36 in the first
What is wrong with Hassan? First he misses a fairly easy lay-in, but gets fouled on the offensive board. He air balls the first free throw and then the second goes hard off the back iron.

Cat Tracks writer Matt Messina is in the stands. He calls during the halftime assuring me that the Wildcats actually look worse in person. I am not sure that is possible.

The ESPN talking heads say that the Wildcats have 15 offensive rebounds, but I am not real sure how many they have put back in. Maybe three?

I still have a lot of wings in front of me. I am actually getting full.

19:40 in the second
Adams finally makes an easy lay-in. Thank goodness.

17:50 in the second
Shakur lobs a sweet pass to Hassan for the alley-oop dunk. Shakur is so much better in the open floor than he is in the halfcourt set.

16:28 in the second
Schu is hitting the wall. He just offered me one of his final wings. Mmmm, wings.

15:03 in the second
Schu rallies and polishes off his final two wings. I believe our server is Bosnian. I don't have these great linguistic skills that I can place the accent, I just overheard her talking to the next table.

14:47 in the second
I'm not sure I've ever seen Ivan play this aggressive on defense before. He is extending the defense out beyond the arc. He just grabbed a defensive rebound and started swinging the elbows to get the defenders away from him. I like what I am seeing. The Cats need this because Isaiah Fox is a non-factor.

13:50 in the second
Sadly, Frye is just not good tonight. Graham Brown got a body on him and Frye airballed the shot. I hate to say this, but it may be time to officially declare him soft. It's hard to say a guy who played with a broken face last year is soft, but teams are using their muscle to take him out of his game.

11:13 in the second
A Michigan player just saved possession by blindly throwing the ball behind his head as he falls out of bounds. It lands right in the hands of a teammate. The UA just isn't getting the bounces this year.

10:01 in the second
Salim is getting frustrated. He looks as if he could snap at any moment.

9:40 in the second
No one puts a body on Brent Petway and he dunks an offensive rebound. He didn't just slam the ball, he did so with authority. Just a monster slam. Impressive.

8:57 in the second
Shakur takes an ill-advised three, but draws contact. Of course there is no call. The refs are letting these guys play. That is advantage Michigan.

8:50 in the second
Petway again. Another monster jam off of the miss. He just goes up and slams it home. Dude is fun to watch, but I'd prefer to watch a Wildcat box him out.

6:10 in the second
Shakur still looks out of sorts in the halfcourt set. He just penetrated to deep. Luckily he was bailed out by a Michigan player who bumped him out of bounds.

5:21 in the second
The refs have let these guys play all night long, but just called Salim on a ticky-tac hand check.

4:47 in the second
A great defensive play leads to a fast break and the Cats can't convert. Didn't this team used to be really good in transition? Not any more.

4:12 in the second
McClellan with a great block. He's seen a lot of action because of his defense. On the play Frye did a great job forcing his man into a bad shot on the break and McClellan swatted the ball off of the glass.

3:51 in the second
The Wildcats have scored just 49 points. They usually have 49 points at the 1:30 mark of the first half. This game is being played at Michigan's pace, but somehow the Wildcats have a two-point lead.

3:04 in the second
McClellan's first college three-pointer gives the UA a 52-50 lead. He may be the Player of the Game at this rate.

2:22 in the second
Ivan puts the ball on the floor and almost loses it. He should never put the ball on the floor without the help of the screen. In fact I'd be happy if he never put the ball on the floor again.

2:15 in the second
A promo for the Tennessee and Texas women's hoop game. Haven' they realized that the only women's basketball game the general viewing public cares about is Tennessee and UConn? The average person watching this game would rather watch the Big West game of the week than watch Tennessee/Texas. We all know Tennessee will win. Tennessee always wins unless they are playing UConn. Then it is a toss-up. I think half of American truly believes that the Lady Vols and the Lady Huskies are the only two women's college basketball teams in America.

1:54 in the second
Salim comes into the game and instantly gets a big steal.

1:39 in the second
Ivan puts the ball on the floor and picks up the charge. Ivan, please refer the to the post I put up at the 2:22 mark. Better yet, Ivan, please do not dribble. Either post up or shoot the jumper. DO NOT PUT THE BALL ON THE FLOOR. Other than that you are playing a whale of the game.

1:18 in the second
McClellan grabs a huge board. Am I out of line if I mention that facially he looks like the clone baby of Hassan Adams and LeBron James? I mean couldn't they be related? Their names all sound similar as well, Hassan, Jawann and LeBron. Someone should investigate this.

1:01 in the second
Another rebound slips through Frye's hands. He MUST be using WD-40 as hand soap.

0:13.9 in the second
Shades of Stanford. Salim sets up for the final shot, but turns the ball over. He drives, passes up a 10-footer, tries to pass to Frye and puts the pass off of a Michigan defender. He grabs the lose ball but has it knocked away. Michigan has a chance to win.

The big question is why was he passing to a player with grease on his hands, when he could have taken the shot himself?

0:01.9 in the second
The Cats hold. Frye deflects a pass. It may be his first good play of the game. I think the pass actually reached Petway down low but when Frye deflected the ball he got some of the butter on the ball and Petway could no handle it.

0:00 in the second
The Cats tried the baseball pass. Why? Sure they only had 1.9 seconds left, but Stoudamire can routinely hit from 35-feet and Shakur is fast. Why not inbound the ball to midcourt and let either Salim or Mustafa take a couple dribbles and heave a long three. The baseball pass was intercepted and Michigan actually got a halfway decent look at it.

The Cats go to overtime and I don't feel real good about this.

5:00 in the second
Arizona loses the tip, but that is not the real news. Lute puts five players in the game, but before the jump ball he sends McClellan to the scorers table. I have never seen a coach substitute before play begins.

2:32 in the second
I repeat, Ivan should not dribble. Bad Ivan, bad!

2:17 in the second
Ivan with a great reverse lay-in. No one told J-Mac that true freshmen are supposed to be nervous at the Garden. On the play Jawann slashed to the hoop without the ball and Channing found him down low. That may be the first time a player moved without the ball all night.

Wait, J-Mac just picked up a reach foul. I guess he's human after all.

1:47 in the second
I'll give Channing credit. He is hitting the glass. He must have no fewer than three boards in the overtime.

0:49.8 in the second
Cats have a terrible possession on offense and then almost have a disastrous possession on defense. Chris Hunter looks to have an easy dunk but Hassan comes out of nowhere to commit the foul. Hunter make just 1-of-2. Foul shooting is killing Michigan. They are just 3-6 in the overtime.

0:00.1 in the second
The Cats hold on with a tough win. Frye fights hard for rebound that seals the game. Frye was brutal until OT. He probably has five rebounds in the overtime.

He is fouled, but misses the first free throw. Michigan's only hope is that he makes the second, they throw the long pass and they get a tip in. With .1 seconds left and Michigan player can't even catch the ball. It has to be a tip in.

Lute tells Frye to miss the second foul shot and he does> How many times does a guy attempt to miss a foul shot on purpose only to make it?

Wildcat color commentator Ryan Hansen has no voice left. It is kind of funny. Brian Jeffries will fly back to Tucson to broadcast the UA/ASU football game. The Rutgers play-by-play guy will call the UA/Wake Forest game.

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