Zona was a "10" for Vickers

Going into last Friday's game against Arizona State the Arizona Wildcats needed help at the wide receiver position. Of the guys on the roster only one true wide receiver had shown any semblance of consistency throughout the year, the rest of them were up and down. Needless to say the Arizona coaching staff is targeting the JUCO ranks for wide receivers and one of the best, if not the best, in the nation was in town and caught all the action.

B.J. Vickers from Santa Monica Community College was in town on an official visit and things went very well according to Vickers.

"It went real good," said the 6-foot-3-inch, 200 pound receiver. "I really enjoyed myself a lot. My host was Randy (Sims) and Gerold Rodriguez hosted me as well but he had to leave after the game on Friday to go back to California for his family. Gerold is from Venice High School and I know him from there since that is where I went. They are both good guys and they showed me a real good time."

Vickers got to see all of the usual sites and took in the tour of the campus.

"I liked it all, the facilities were great and the academics are real good," he said. "I talked to coach (Mike) Stoops quite a bit over the weekend and also the wide receiver coach (Charlie) Williams and also with the Strength and Conditioning coach (Corey Edmond). The Strength coach is a good guy and I really liked Coach Williams. He is a good guy to be around. He coached for six years in the NFL and he knows what it takes to get there and that is my main goal. He knows what I need to do to get to the next level."

Of the current players on the team Vickers says that he hit it off with one player in particular.

"I got a long real well with Tony (Wingate)," said Vickers. "Tony, number 30 is a real good guy. None of the players were negative about anything and they were all good guys. The camaraderie is great at Arizona. The relationship between the coaches and the players is great and it is very strong."

Vickers picked the perfect game to attend to see exactly what the future holds for Arizona Football.

"The atmosphere was amazing," he said. "The fans went crazy after the game rushing the field and hanging from the field goal posts. The game will help carry over to next season and will help them in recruiting."

So does that mean it helped in your recruiting?

"It was great all weekend and it was just a good visit. I would give it a 9, no make that a 10," he said. "I made a big impact on me I will say that. I liked it a lot."

Vickers previously took a visit to Cal and according to Vickers he says that the Arizona trip was just a bit better.

"Yeah, I think this trip was better than the Cal trip," he said. "Coach Stoops is a true players coach and I like that. The players interact great with him and at Cal it was more business like. I had a trip set up to Utah but they haven't called me in a long time so I won't make that trip. I am going to take a trip Nebraska and then I should be able to decide."

B.J. Vickers' father, Ryan, played tight end for the Arizona Wildcats in 1986 & 1987.

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