Game Log: Too much brown

The Wildcats exceeded my expectations. I thought they would be Wyoming, but not by 28 points. In fact the game could have been even worse if the Cats could have converted on a few more of the opportunities they created on defense.

5:51 before the tip
Mr. Blackwell chiming in. All I can say regarding Wyoming is: TOO MUCH BROWN! The actually unis are brown with a sort of goldish/tan striping. The warm-up shirts are that gold/tan with brown stripes. I can't see this one being a real popular item at the old Footlocker.

1:47 before the tip
Brase and Fox chest bump in warm-ups. I'm not sure what to make of this. I like the fact they are loose before a game, but that may be a bit too much.

19:42 in the first
Uh-oh, Frye and Adams miss shots in the same possession. Frye has a hook that won't fall and Adams misses the follow. Not a good sign.

19:12 in the first
What is a good sign is Salim knocking down his first three-point attempt.

17:35 in the first
Frye knocks down his first jumper, a 15-footer. He has four points. As I type this he has a ball go off his hands that would have been a sure lay-in. Sadly, it seems he used the Crisco again as hand soap.

16:50 in the first
Frye gets the tough lay-in to fall in transition but the officials rule it a player control foul. The replay does not support this decision.

16:03 in the first
Wyoming's Steve Leven gets the Cowboys on the board with a steal and a dunk. Leven is working on a full "sleeve" tattoo. Most of his left arm is inked up. He would sorta look like a roadie for Motley Crue if it wasn't for the boy band haircut.

13:54 in the first
Jawann McClellan is the first Wildcat off the bench and Fox will be in next.

13:31 in the first
Apparently when a Wildcat makes a three it will now be referred to as a "State Farm Long Ball". Uh-yeah.

12:20 in the first
Jay Straight has just hit three, um, well straight three-pointers on three straight possessions. In my professional opinion they need to guard him tighter.

10:22 in the first
A fan just sat down in the pricey floor seats wearing a cowboy hat and a long, leather trench coat. He looks like he's the Wyoming mascot except he's wearing a UA T-shirt.

9:15 in the first
McClellan hits a three, but it is announced as a "three-pointer", not a "State Farm Long Ball". I'm not sure what constitutes a "State Farm Long Ball".

7:50 in the first
After opening the game with a 7-0 lead the Cats have been outscored 21-19.

They play a terrible song on the P.A. during the television time-out. According to CT staffer Matt Messina the song is Ocean Avenue by Yellowcard. I have heard of this song but never heard it before. It is not good, I do not recommend it. After the time-out Chris Rodgers shot two free throws, numbers three and four for the Wildcats. That is more than they shot the entire game against Wake Forest.

6:55 in the first
Isaiah Fox came to play. He has six points and four rebounds. He has also deflected a couple of passes in the fullcourt press.

4:51 in the first
The Cats have had back-to-back fast breaks and settled for two long pull-up jumpers. Neither went in. This is indicative of what we have seen from this team all too often. They either need to take it to the rack or back it out and set up the offense. Long pull-up jumpers are not this tea's strength.

3:57 in the first
Members of the band yell every time Wyoming players go to shoot. Since they are directly behind me it is getting very annoying.

2:55 in the first
Wyoming is within two thanks to a 6-0 run. Verdejo just answered with a long two, but the Cats lead by just four.

2:26 in the first
One of the Wyoming coaches must be about 5-2, that is even shorter than me.

1:28 in the first
Chris Rodgers deflected two passes on one possession. The second led to a fast break where he wisely held up and assisted McClellan for an easy lay-in.

1:13 in the first
There is some confusion as to who should shoot a free throw. There was a foul away from the ball and McClellan stepped to the line. The only problem is that Wyoming is claiming that Mohamed Tangara should be the shooter. After consulting the videotape they allow McClellan to take the shots. He makes both.

33.5 in the first
Hello J-Mac. McClellan is taking over for the Cats. He just drove the lane, took a hard fouls and made the shot. Before the free throw he motioned to the crowd to make some noise. He has scored the last seven for Arizona.

0:01 in the first
Stoudamire gets a put-back at the buzzer. The Cats go up by eight.

Wilbur and a Wyoming Cowboy have a gunfight at halftime. How can they do that when the University took Wilbur's guns away two years ago?

They have a jump rope demonstration at half-time. They are very good, but the choreographed moves don't make the three boys look very masculine. At least they get free tickets to the basketball game.

After further review the jumropers are very cool. They add gymnastics and flips to their routines. I mean there is a ton of athleticism involved.

20:00 in the second
Isaiah Fox gets the second half start. Welcome out of the doghouse Isaiah.

18:52 in the second
Frye has come to play in the second half. He has a bucket, a board and a blocked shot. He tried for an assist but his pass inside was a little too hard for Fox to handle.

15:33 in the second
The Cats came to play to start the second. They have outscored Wyoming 13-2 to open the second half. The press is looking especially effective.

The fans are now doing the wave. Can we please retire this thing? Fans don't know when to use it (i.e. when their team has the ball) and half of the crowd does not participate.

13:57 in the second
I'm not sure but Leven may have had more tattoo work done during the half. He may have the most tattoos on a single body part of any layer I have seen in basketball. They are all on his right arm. Other than one on his left calf, he has no other visible tats.

13:05 in the second
I don't want to say that MoTang is a little confused on defense but after rushing to help double a man in the post he scramble to get back to his previous assignment. The only problem is the player he wound up guarding was Jawann McClellan.

12:51 in the second
McClellan is all over the place. He converts another three-point play after a hard foul. He then steals the in-bounds pass and moment later he made a great steal only to get forced out of bounds.

11:38 in the second
Two cheerleaders collide while doing across the court flips. After a hard fall one of them got up and had a few non-printable words to say. Both appear fine and should return to the game.

10:51 in the second
Just looked up and Stoudamire has 17 points. I knew he was having a nice night, but 17? I had no idea. McClellan as 16 and I would not have guessed he had that many either. I guess I need to pay better attention. McClellan could have more but he missed two wide-open threes.

9:51 in the second
Chris Rodgers picks up a foul on a pull-up jumper. It was a nice bit of acting. "I'd like to thank the academy, my manager, the refs."

9:27 in the second
Adams makes a near impossible pump-fake shot, but has missed a few gimmies.

8:49 in the second
The band started counting down the shot clock incorrectly in an effort to mess up Wyoming. They started their count about 5 seconds early. Moments later others in the crowd began a correct countdown and Jason Straight got the shot off before the shot clock expired. Memo to the fans: Do not help the opposition. By doing the correct countdown you actually HELP the offense. By doing it wrong you either force the player to shoot early, or think he has too much time. It rarely works, but occasionally they fall for it. The band had it right. That makes up for them screaming "I'm open" when the other team has the ball.

6:44 in the second
Trademark Hassan throwdown gets the crowd into it. As loud as they have been all year. Following the dunk Lute sends four new players to the scorers table.

5:34 in the second
Lute has cleared the bench much earlier than normal. Granted the Cats are up 28, but Olson usually does not go this deep into the bench this early.

4:49 in the second
Rodgers gets the defensive board and finds Verdejo streaking down the court for an easy dunk. Maybe C-Ro missed his calling as a QB.

4:13 in the s in the second
Brett Brielmaier is in. 4:13 may be the earliest Lute has gone to the victory cigar.

3:01 in the second
It's BRASE TIME! Matt Brase is in, Wyoming can now start the bus. in the second

3:00 in the second
Daniel Dillon is trying to see how many fouls he can pick up. He's been in for about two minutes and he has two fouls. He may foul out yet [note: he finished with three].

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