Inside The Numbers: Potential Baskets Missed

The Cats easily played the best game of the year, in which every player turned in a stellar performance. Four players scored in double figures, with two more scoring eight points, and two more scoring six. This game displayed the type of depth Arizona has expected all season long—and this was with Ivan Radenovic on the bench most of the game with an injured hip. <P>

Despite all of this, the team failed to score 100 points. Two points was all they needed, and they had quite a few missed opportunities throughout the game. This is where, what I like to call, "Potential Baskets Missed" (or PBM's) come in. A PBM is either a missed lay up (this includes all of Frye's three foot hook shots), or a jump shot that goes in and out of the hoop.

When the opposing team only scores 70 points, Arizona scoring 98 points instead of 100, does not matter, in the real scheme of things. But I believe every Cat fan secretly wishes for that 100th point. If only one of the Cats' missed lay ups had gone in, that magic number would have been reached. However, this is not where PBM's really matter.

It is the games against the Wake Forests of the nation, where one more basket made could have given Arizona the win. After having said this, here is how the numbers break down:

Against Wake Forest, the Cats had 19 potential missed baskets—12 missed lay ups, and 7 shots in and out of the basket. There were six missed lay ups in each half, but six of the seven in and out shots came in the second half. Hassan Adams and Salim Stoudamire (who were the two top scorers in the game), led the team with 5 PBM's each. Adams missed three lay ups and two in and out shots (3 and 2), and Stoudamire reciprocated him (2 and 3). Channing Frye and Chris Rodgers were the only players with no PBM's. The rest of the team:

Isaiah Fox—3 and 0
Jawann McClellan—1 and 0
Ivan Radenovic—1 and 1
Mustafa Shakur—2 and 1
The Wildcats improved these numbers greatly against Wyoming, with a total of 13 potential missed baskets. They missed 11 lay ups, and only 2 in and out shots (probably due to home court comfort). Frye, after his 0 PBM performance at Wake Forest, had the most against the Cowboys, with 5 (4 and 1). Shakur and Rodgers each had none, along with Mohamed Tangara and Jesus Verdejo. The rest:

Adams—2 and 0
Brase—0 and 1
Dillon—1 and 0
Fox—1 and 0
McClellan—1 and 0
Radenovic—1 and 0
Stoudamire—2 and 0

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