Arizona over MSU: Breaking It Down

The Wildcats' win over Mississippi State has raised the level of expectation from fans. This was the first victory over a ranked team since beating Texas at Madison Square Garden last season. The best part? The Cats lost the rebounding battle, had 19 turnovers, and once again, shot under 40 percent, and still managed to come out on top. A few performances from Wildcats stood out against the Bulldogs.

Channing Frye really stepped up his game, being the only Wildcat to shoot 50 percent or better from the field, and scoring a game-high 18 points, along with 16 rebounds, another game-high. He also added two steals and two blocked shots, while picking up just two fouls and committing and zero turnovers (although he did mishandle some hard passes from the guards).

Another stellar performance that Cat fans have been looking for was that of Isaiah Fox. Fox finally looked comfortable out on the floor, making his presence known to both teams. He does nothing spectacular, no major dunks or anything of the like, but he knows how to make himself available for an easy pass and lay up. Fox had 10 points, a season high.

One performance that is a bit of a drop off from the last few games was Jawann McClellan. He simply did not seem to be in the right place at the right time against MSU. His shot also appears to be a bit flat, and that could be something to keep an eye on, as he shoots more and more from the outside. McClellan had three points on 1-of-5 shooting, two rebounds and three turnovers.

Chris Rodgers continued to struggle a bit with his shooting, going 2-for-7, and 0-for-3 from the outside. The Wildcats expected more of an impact from Rodgers (aside from his stellar defense), after the solid shooting season he had a year ago.

Arizona hopes to ride its two-game winning streak through the non-conference schedule. After this win, if the Cats lose any more games before the Pac-10 season, it will be a disappointment.

Potential Baskets Missed (PBM)—A PBM is a missed lay up, or a jump shot that goes in and out of the basket. Against Wake Forest, the Cats had 19, and against Wyoming, they had 13. Against Miss. State, Arizona had 16 PBMs.

Total missed lay ups—12, 8 in first half, 4 in second half

Total in and out shots—4, 3 in first half, 1 in second half

Adams—3 missed lay ups and 1 in and out shot

Fox—3 and 0

Frye—3 and 0

McClellan—1 and 0

Rodgers—1 and 1

Shakur—1 and 2

Stoudamire—0 and 0

The totals for the last 3 games:

Total PBMs—48

Total missed lay ups—35, 21 in first half, 14 in second half

Total in and out shots—13, 4 in first half, 9 in second half

Adams—7 and 3

Brase—0 and 1

Dillon—1 and 0

Fox—7 and 0

Frye—7 and 1

McClellan—3 and 0

Radenovic—2 and 1 (left early in Wyoming game, did not play against Miss State)

Rodgers—1 and 1

Shakur—3 and 3

Stoudamire—4 and 3

Tangara—0 and 0

Verdejo—0 and 0

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