Game Talk: Arizona Defeats Utah

Arizona trailed for most of the game, but defeated the Utes in the end. The response in the locker room was positive despite such an uphill battle.

Arizona Head Coach Lute Olson:

On Defense:

"We got a lot more pressure on the ball and a lot more pressure on passes. We were forcing turnovers in the stretch and we had some great passes."

On Possessions:

"I thought our defense was solid. Key game stats have to do with possessions. We had four more possessions off turnovers and five more off offensive rebounds. Nine more possessions will make the difference in a game like this."

On Utah:

"We knew (Utah) was going to control the tempo because that's their game. We felt that they would zone. We thought it would be a steady-paced game. We tried to force the action early and made some big time mistakes off the press."

"(Utah was) not going to get into an up and down game unless they had an advantage on the break which they did early."

On Arizona's Big Men:

"Our post guys need to be much, much more active on screening and creating gaps. You can't just stand around."

On Utah's Center Andrew Bogut:

"I thought we did a great job on him and he still ends up with 20 points and 10 rebounds. He's a guy that would be very difficult for anyone to guard one-on-one."

Senior Center Channing Frye:

On Arizona's Game:

"I think we played our style of play. We should have scored more, but we got a win, and that is all that matters."

"It was a tough game. We were down for most of it, but we stuck together and played well."

On Utah Center Andrew Bogut:

"It was fun to play with someone my height. He (Andrew Bogut) is good and very talented, but I had to win on my home court. I wish him a lot of luck in the future."

Junior Guard Hassan Adams

On the Dunk at the End:

"(Laughs) I don't know where I came from on that one."

On Arizona's Game:

"It was a team effort for all of us. Salim (Stoudamire) was being played very tough today. The rest of us had to step up. Everyone is good and play. It's situations like these when we come together."

On Put Backs:

"They (Utah) weren't boxing me out. I got a lot of put backs today. The mentality is to get in there to the ball. If you can't get the shot, then I try to tip it out to one of my teammates."

Junior Guard Chris Rodgers:

On the Game:

"We were still trying to find our rhythm at the beginning of the game. We had some good looks, and my teammates played well today. I just try to get in the zone of the game once I am put in."

On Lessons Learned:

"A game like this teaches our team how to play tougher. When I'm out there, I try to play aggressively on offense and defense."

Sophomore Forward Ivan Radenovic:

On Bogut:

"He is a difficult player. We tried to double team him and box him out. He is a great rebounder. It isn't that he's physical, but he is more skilled."

On his Game:

"I just do the things I can. I am healthy and I got in the game. We played with them for a full game. It was a very physical game. I took a couple of three-point shots. I am more confident not that I am hitting my shots."

On Utah:

"They were playing a box and one, trying to cut off Salim (Stoudamire), and at the beginning we didn't handle that very well."

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