Game Log: Lute's 1,000th win was not easy

The good news was that I was back from Orlando and could now watch the game in person. The bad news was that my plane did not get in until around midnight and I had to be on the radio at 8:00 am for the pregame show. I was a little sleepy, but by the time the Cats tipped off I was feeling pretty good. In hindsight I wonder if the Wildcats were fully awake early on.

10:30 before the tip
They are playing a new video message featuring Lute Olson where he appeals to the crowd to behave. You don't think the whole Ron Artest situation hasn't had ramifications?

1:00 before the tip
Lute Olson may not want the team wearing red uniforms, but that does not seem to apply to the mascots. Wilma is sporting a red cheerleader outfit. In this era of gender equity in sports, why does Wilma wear a cheerleader outfit, while Wilbur wears a basketball uniform?

0:00 before the tip
Stupid thought of the day. If Arizona is a Nike school, why does Wilbur wear Converse tennis shoes? How's this for a match-up? 6-4 Hassan Adams took the face off tip against 7-0 Andrew Bogut. Utah controlled the tip, but both players got a hand on the ball.

17:46 in the first
Lute just pulled a Stoops. After a close foul was called on Frye, Olson did a little combo stomp and dance to show his displeasure with the call.

17:20 in the first
Arizona has gone to the press after each made bucket and each time the Utes break the press and get decent looks at the basket. The first led to an easy Bogut slam and the second sent Richard Chaney to the line where he made a pair of free throws.

16:54 in the first
The game plan seems to call for the Wildcats to take Bogut away from the hoop. Frye has two buckets and both were long jumpers with the seven-footer coming away from the paint to play defense. It looks like the same strategy the Cats used against Stanford and Curtis Borchardt.

14:42 in the first
Bogut bears a slight resemblance to Def Leppard lead singer Joe Elliott circa 1984. Watch any of the Pyromania videos on VH-1 Classic and you'll see what I mean.

11:46 in the first
UA football recruits are sitting right behind me. Blake Kerley is sporting an Arizona hat that has already seen some wear and tear. That's a good sign, you want to see the guys who already verballed advertising the program.

11:38 in the first
In case you are scoring at home it is Channing Frye eight, Andrew Bogut five, er seven. He just hit a jump hook as I was typing. BTW when Fox is in the game he guards Bogut, but when Radenovic comes in Frye picks up the duty.

10:25 in the first
Radenovic has three turnovers in as many possessions. No surprise, Lute gets him out of there very quickly. His replacement is Fox, who promptly picks up his second foul.

9:37 in the first
Jawann McClellan grabs an offensive rebound and lands behind the basket, but still in bounds. He takes a quick dribbles and then makes a shot with his entire body behind the glass. Only his arm and the ball were in front of the glass.

8:53 in the first
The fans are screaming at the refs about a "bad" foul called against Frye. Frye and the fans clamor that Frye went straight up. The only problem is that the replay shows that Frye not only jumped into Andrew Bogut, but that he traveled no less than a foot across the pain in doing so.

Because of the fouls Brett Brielmaier is playing center for the first time all season.

6:17 in the first
Without any big men on the floor, Bogut is exerting himself. He has four of the last six points for Utah and is now sitting at 11 points and four boards. The Utes are now on a 6-0 run and have extended the lead to seven.

6:03 in the first
Bogut draws foul number two and stays in the game, but appears to have a replacement coming in. The Cats attack with Radenovic, but can't draw the foul or get the bucket. Bogut scores on the other end.

4:56 in the first
Utah takes Bogut out, this could be a break for the Cats. Now they don't have to worry about him hurting them with both Fox and Frye on the bench with foul trouble. The bad news is that 6-11 Chris Jackson is in and he has great size. He's not the player that Bogut is, but he's bigger than any of the Wildcats on the floor.

3:58 in the first
Apparently the pommies are not dancing to the same song I am listening to the band playing. The band was playing the Mission Impossible theme and none of their moves coincided with the song.

They are in step when the band switches to Bear Down.

2:27 in the first
Hassan Adams picks up the foul, his second. The Cats now have Jawann McClellan at power forward.

38.2 in the first
I don't understand what Utah is doing. Instead of taking advantage of UA's small line-up, they go small themselves. They could put a 6-10 player on McClellan, but instead go with an undersized power forward themselves. They also have Bogut on the bench, instead of trying to match him against smaller, less physical players.

18:23 in the second
Cats have tied it up. With Fox and Frye back in they are dominating the inside.

17:00 in the second
I just realized two things. The first of which is that Salim Stoudamire has not scored. In fact he just took his first shot a second ago. Utah is really hounding him, specifically Marc Jackson. They have thrown the box-in-one at him as well as some other gimmick zones. While the schemes are effective, it is Jackson who is key. He is clutching, grabbing and otherwise hounding Stoudamire.

The second is that Utah's starting small forward is Richard Chaney, which could be shortened to "Dick" Chaney. I so hope that his teammates call him the "Vice President".

15:00 in the second
Utah has thrown every zone you can think of at the Cats. The Cats have responded strangely. On the surface they are attacking it well. They are patient, making multiple passes and picking their spots. The problem is that despite showing rare patience, they just aren't very effective. Their isn't enough ball movement and they aren't finding holes to penetrate or getting the ball to the high post. It's kind of like the guilty husband who knows he should by his wife flowers after a fight, but he doesn't know what flowers to buy and winds up with a funeral bouquet.

14:16 in the second
Utah has hit three straight three pointers, two by Bryant Markson. Recruiting fans may remember that Markson liked the Wildcats a lot, but missed most of the summer recruiting circuit with a knee injury. He was friends with former Wildcat football players Ryan O'Hara and Jason Martin.

9:24 in the second
Tim Drisdom has fouled out with over nine minutes to go. I can't decide if the fact that Utah left him in showed that the coaches had great faith in him to not foul out, or if it meant he was essentially disposable.

8:17 in the second
The Vice President just hit back-to-back buckets to put Utah up by five, 53-48.

6:58 in the second
The Cats will be lucky to break 70 again. They have been held under 70 in four of the last five games and this one could make it 5-of-6.

5:06 in the second
Radenovic and Frye have scored the last 11 points for the Cats, with Radenovic netting eight of them. In fact the last three field goals have been three pointers by Frye and Ivan.

4:32 in the second
Frye picks up his fourth foul. It will be interesting to see if Lute stays with him or goes to the bench.

In a strange move, Ivan tries to get the crowd pumped up from the huddle during a lull in the time-out. He was waving a towel, urging the crowd on.

3:17 in the second
The Bogut/Frye math-up is nearly a wash. Bogut has 20 and nine, Frye has 17 and eight. Both have struggled with fouls.

The game is tied and I have a hunch that if Arizona is to win this one, Salim will have to hit a big bucket. So far he is 0-1, with zero points. Right now he is not in the game.

2:00 in the second
It is clear that Drisdom has been key to the Utes. Since he has left the game the offense has not run nearly as well as it did the first 30:00.

1:10 in the second
Cats may have gotten lucky. Bogut is called for an offensive foul on a close call. He dropped the shoulder, but not much. I am not sure you call that with less than 2:00 left in the game.

37.0 in the second
Holy crap! The Cats are running down the clock, up only two. The shot clock is within eight and Rodgers puts up a decent three. The shot goes off the rim and glass, but Adams is there to dunk home the rebound and puts the Cats up four.

26.6 in the second
The fans are again irate at a good call. Marc Jackson drove the lane and Adams swatted him cleanly. The only problem was that to get to the shot he got a piece of the Utah guard's head. Even after the replay the fans were angry at the refs.

5.2 in the second
The Utes' Jackson throws the ball away, effectively ending the game for Utah. The Utes put up one heck of a fight. You can see they'll be tough to beat in the Mountain West.

2.7 in the second
Parts of the student section start chanting "Utah sucks". Way to show class kids. Utah just gave the Wildcats all they could handle and you start chanting "Utah sucks". Several of the Utah fans look bewildered. Can't we show more class? At least some creativity. How about an "Urban Meyer" chant. Maybe "Let's go Gators" or "Where's Majerus?".

0.00 in the second
The Cats win. Lute Olson gets his 1,000th career win. The Cats again show that they can be tough down the stretch and grind out wins. Utah is not a great team, but they will likely be a seven seed in the NCAA Tournament. They could be the type of team the Cats face in the second round of the NCAA Tournament and it is good to see the Wildcats can get these tough wins when the style is not to their liking.

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