Prince off to a fast start

J.P. Prince wanted to continue the tradition of great Wildcat point guards. He's already starting his senior season off in fine fashion, getting his White Station team out to a fast start.

The Wildcat to be, J.P. Prince, has helped lead his team to an impressive 8-1 mark. The Memphis point guard is looking forward to his days to come at Arizona and realizes the need to improve before his arrival.

Prince has been in constant communication with the Arizona coaching staff, and they have been stressing to Prince the areas that need improvement.

"I talk to the Arizona coaches once every two days," said Prince. "They tell me to get ready to play and to work on my shooting and keep lifting weights."

Prince has not shied away from realizing the importance on getting better.

"One weakness is my shooting," admitted Prince. "I am a streaky shooter, so I have to get more consistent, especially with my three-point shot."

Despite needing to make improvements from beyond the arch, Prince is a versatile player who does a number of things well.

"My strengths I would say are my ball handling, passes, and making plays," Prince said. "I can play three different positions."

That versatility allows Prince to be a leader on the court. As a point guard he is a natural to be the leaders, but he tries to take on that role because of his experience and talent, not just the position he plays.

"I am the leader and captain of the team," said Prince. "I'm a senior so I have to be."

Prince's ability to be a leader on the team goes far beyond merely calling out the plays on the court. Prince's tasks have effects which are much more important in the long run.

"My job as a leader is to make everyone better," Prince explained. "When I have a good game, the team plays better."

Prince will come into Arizona, and should be the next great in a line of players at Point Guard U. Should Mustafa Shakur leave after this season, Prince will be a strong contender to fill the void.

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