Game Talk: Arizona Dominates Manhattan

Arizona used excellent ball movement alongside an excellent shooting performance to defeat the Manhattan Jaspers. The response in the locker room was very positive.

Arizona Head Coach Lute Olson:

On Defense:

"Defensively, I think this is probably the best defensive team we've ever had. This could be our best defensive team with out quickness and our depth."

"When you get steals, usually that means you get an easy shot at the other end. Sixteen turnovers is a lot, but on the other hand we shot the ball very well."

On Ball Movement:

"I thought we did a great job moving the ball. I think we have a great shooting team. We just have to be patient and get the open look."

On the Reserves:

"It was great to get a game like this when everyone can get some time. I'm pleased with the progress we're making."

On the Schedule:

"It's been good for us to play the schedule we've played. It allows us to see the things we need to work on. The competition in practice is very intense every day. That's how you get better: playing good teams that pressure you."

On the Break:

"This was a great sendoff. (The team) will really enjoy the time off and I'm sure they'd really like to spend some time with their families."

On Salim Stoudamire:

"I hope (this suspension is the last) because I'm out of ideas. Salim is a very nice young man. He just needs to show that he is. It's like I tell him, ‘99.9% of the people will never, ever meet you. All they know about you is what they see, and what they see, if not what you are.'"

Senior Center Channing Frye:

On the Game:

"We established the inside game so we could kick it back outside. We knew they weren't as tall inside. We just wanted to be aggressive and establish our presence so we could get open shots outside. Everyone was more driven at passing."

On Scoring 100:

"Gosh, yeah, I mean everybody says we are in a scoring drought, I guess it raises our average just a little bit. I think today what we did differently is everybody was less dribbling, and more passing, moving without the ball, and I think we're kind of getting used to that now. We've been trying to work hard and this was a good chance for us to do it, right before the break."

On the Break:

"Right now I'm thinking about going home and seeing my dog. I haven't been home in eight or nine months so it will be good to see my family. I know I see them every game, but that's only for an hour."

Senior Guard Salim Stoudamire:

On the Suspension:

"It was very tough to sit out against Marquette. I felt like I let my team down."

On Shooting:

"It was a goal of ours to score over 100 points, and we did it tonight. We've been working on shooting drills, and it showed tonight."

On his Game:

"Regardless of if I play well of not, I just want to have fun. I felt like I was shooting well tonight, so I kept taking my shots."

Junior Center Isaiah Fox:

On the Team's Progress:

"Even though we have some good wins and we are on a little win streak, it's important for us to score like that. We've been playing great defense all season. We just needed to show that our offense is still there."

On Ball Movement:

"We did a good job moving the ball around. We are too high-powered offensively to not have a game like this. With Salim (Stoudamire) back, it helped having an outside shooter like him in the game."

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